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A Random Class Generator is a utility which is designed to create random classes for use in Call of Duty online game modes. The intent is to create a fair sitution which can be used competitively or for fun. The classes generated can be used online in public game modes, or between friends in private matches.


[edit] The Generators

[edit] Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

This generator was the first to be created for any Call of Duty game. It has been built within a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and can be opened in Microsoft Excel 2003, 2007, 2010 and all later versions.


[edit] Call of Duty: Black Ops

This generator has been created in the form of a web page. It also allows the user to select the level that they are so the generator will not use any weapons or perks that have not yet been unlocked.


[edit] Call of Duty: Ghosts

This generator has been created as a web app. The user can configure their rank and loadout options (removal of their primary, secondary, or tactical and lethal equipment) to gain more points. A random class will be generated using available unlocked items.


[edit] Ideas for use

  1. Create a private match with the gametype set as Free For All. Use the class generator once for each person in the lobby, and then create the classes (either individually, or if playing Black Ops, from the 'Rules' menu). To continue the game, each player could take the class of the next person in the lobby after each game, rotating the classes until everybody has used each one. In Black Ops, it is possible to make this easier by making the game last multiple rounds.
  2. Use the generator ten times. If playing Modern Warfare 2, each create each of the ten classes into the ten custom class slots (so that everyone has the same classes available, and in the same order). If playing Black Ops, the host should create the ten classes by disabling custom classes and inputting the new ones, under the 'Rules' menu. Every player starts with the first class. On getting three kills with each class, the player has to select the next class and then either kill themselves or allow themselves to be killed by another player. The first person to get three kills with the final class (30 kills in total) wins. Any player who moves to the next class too early or too late is disqualified.

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