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Ambush is a small desert town, presumably empty, abruptly divided by a road through the center cluttered by a convoy of broken-down or destroyed vehicles. It homes numerous second-story positions of houses and rooftops, two small sewage tunnels, a sandpit and notably narrow streets. Typically, in team orientated game-types - like Search and Destroy - the road dictates spawn-points and positioning of the team, each usually spawning on opposite sides from each other. It is considered a balanced map with equal opportunities for camping and pushing for each team. Due to the endless amounts of corners, rooms, holes, ditches, debris and rooftops, gameplay is usually considerably slower than usual and the use of claymores and C4 for camping protection is commonplace. Due to this game-style, the map is favoured mainly on the slower, bomb-based gametypes Search & Destroy and Sabotage. Complaints and flaws of the map come in several forms: a frequent frustration is the ‘spam grenading’ seen at the start of a round (especially on Search and Destroy) that can easily halve a team unless there is extreme caution. Another is the domination of snipers over any other class; sub-machine-gunners easily rule the close-combat of the street but are quickly immobilised from crossing the convoy-covered road by well covering snipers. Finally, due the large amounts of debris, walling, fences and broken vehicles, glitches and exploits are possible laying unfair advantages upon either team. The urban setting means that the digital camouflage is a wise choice.

The map's file name is mp_convoy.

[edit] Map Tips

  • This map has many different vantage points and so it would make sense for snipers to learn these. With practice, you can find your best positions that make the most of your gameplay strengths. There are a lot of high spots which provide great vantage points and both spawn points are near such areas which means the map is perfectly suited.
  • The tunnels can be of great help to any body. This is a small area, but one that provides a good escape route. At any given moment during a round, you’re likely to hear grenades exploding near by. To avoid the grenades, simply take the short trip through the sewer tunnel and come out on the other end. While the opposing team is busy throwing grenades, you can lie bunkered near their fence. Wait for the perfect time and strike when they’re least expecting it.
  • A great spot is a building located on the far right street of Opfor Spawn, with a barrel on fire lighting up the staircase. There is only one way in it, but two ways out. Not many people realise you can jump out of the window to get out of harm’s way. Once inside, setting up claymores behind you will protect your back and I suggest carrying a desert eagle for back up. When top teams go against one another, this is always a key position to hold.

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