This map has three tactics to use. Long-Distance firefights, Short-Range encounters and stealthly action.

The majority of users you see playing this map are using Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles and SMGs.

For this map, as seen in the photo to the right, you can see a building. Look closely and you can see a little balcony with a ladder going to the roof. Use this to your advantage for either sniping or support fire.

There are two mounted machine guns in Backlot. One situated in the main construction site, and one situated in the building to the right of the main 3 story building (right). There are several cars dotted around the map that will kill you if exploded within a reasonable distance of you.

[edit] Strategy

Stay inside the buildings as much as possible. First off so you don't get sniped. Secondly, you can surprise attack a sniper while they are looking through their scope. Also, you can then take there place. Lay down some claymores, and you can manage some good sniper kills.

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