Bloc is another great map for snipers. Bloc is one big block-shaped map with two buildings on each side, both with a top and bottom floor, ideal for snipers. Walking out in front of the middle of the two buildings will usually always get you shot at or killed by a sniper. Alternatively, this map is also ideal for easy knife kills as snipers usually are unaware of the enemy behind them. This map is also great for matches like Search and Destroy.

[edit] Tips

This map is definitely one to sniper on. Although the two main buildings will be the biggest attraction to sniper in, I don't suggest you go there as people expect it. On the side of one of the big maps there is a sort of dip in a wall, where the light is quite red. There you can pick fellow snipers off and people running down the middle. You also have a good view of quite a few headquarters, on Headquarters. Lay down some claymores and you should get a large kill streak.

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