C4 Explosives x2

C4 Explosives x2
Modern Warfare Icon
Tier MW: 1
Unlocked at Rank MW: 2

[edit] Modern Warfare

C4 x2 is a perk in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare unlocked at rank 2. Gives you two blocks of C4 which can be thrown with the left trigger and detonated with either the right trigger or a double tap of the reload button when you are holding your main weapon. The C4 will stick to walls, so can be used to set up booby traps for enemy players. A common tactic on search and destroy is to set up C4 at the bomb site,hide,wait for the planter/defuser to arrive, and detonate. Another common tactic used is on Domination and to place C4 on a flag which your team has already captured and when your flag is being taken you will hear "Losing Alpha!" or whatever code corresponds to the flag you're defending and you then double tap the reload button to detonate.

C4 explosives disappear when you die and will have to be set up again upon respawn.

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