Call Of Duty: World At War

[edit] Background Information

Call Of Duty World At War is the next installment in the Call Of Duty series. This is the second Call Of Duty game to hit the Wii and will also be available on many other consoles such as PS3 and Xbox 360. The single player mode is said to be a great experience, with plenty of action. The storyline takes you back to World War II, pitting your strengths as both Russian and American soldiers. Many new features will include, vehicles to drive and possibly fly in and new weapons such as flamethrowers, rifle grenades and bayonet attachments to satisfy your gaming needs. Online multi-player gaming is set to be another great feature for this game. This feature will include modes such as 'Capture The Flag', 'War' and 'Deathmatch'. For those who own a Wii, they will know of a accessory called the Wii Zapper. This will be compatible with Call Of Duty 5 and will raise the gaming to the next level.

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