Call Of Duty 4 Controls Xbox 360

This is just a list of the basic controls on the XBOX 360 controller


[edit] Triggers

Left Bumper - Special Grenade (type varying depending on MP class or SP level)

Left Trigger - Aim Down the sights

Right Bumper - Frag Grenade

Right Trigger - Shoot your equipped weapon

[edit] Face Buttons

Start Button - Pause or view objectives

Back Button - Back

X - Reload or use enviromental item (e.g. planting the bomb)

A - Stand, Jump

B - Crouch, Prone

Y - Swap Weapons

[edit] Sticks

Right Analog Stick - Look

Click Right Analog Stick - Melee

Left Analog Stick - Move

Click Left Analog Stick - Sprint

[edit] Directional Pad

Right - Claymores (available depending on level)

Left - Grenade Launcher (when available depending on level)

Up - Night Vision Goggle Mode

Down - C4/Airstrike (when available depending on level)

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