Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough

This walkthrough will guide you through the Call of Duty: Black Ops campaign. It will also help you gain achievements and find intel.



[edit] Operation 40

Things get crazy, or crazier, for Mason almost immediately. When the cops enter, wait until your team makes its move, then follow the on-screen prompts to aim down your sights and take out the first bad guy. With the cops in the bar dead, head to the door. You’ll need to head outside and start shooting. Watch for the police cars pulling up on the street ahead of you and take out the coppers that hop out. For the moment, you just need to make your way down this street toward the end. You’ll get prompted by the game about using the grenade launcher on your rifle — use it against cop cars to make a pretty big explosion and clear out enemies. Your job here is pretty straightforward. Stick to the left side of the street and stay under cover when possible. Pick off police as you move up. A few more cars will pull up ahead of you, but they won’t be anything to worry about. Just follow your team. A little further up, you’ll see a roadblock with a ton of bright headlights shining your way. You can fire a grenade over there to spoil the officers’ day a little, but basically you just need to head around the corner with your team. There a car is waiting, and you’re the driver. Hop into the car and follow the prompts to reverse, then floor it. You don’t need to do much in the way of steering — as you go, you’ll plow through road blocks and police until you get another cutscene of Mason in the interrogation room. Infiltrating the Compound

When you get control back, head up to the zipline and follow the prompt to use it to get down into the compound. Follow your team into the building to the left. You’ll need use a melee attack on the soldier on the radio to move up. You’ll head outside into the courtyard next. Wait for the convoy to go past, then head up the hill. Across the road, you’ll pass under an archway with two soldiers getting down off a truck to the right. Grease them, then turn your attention to the staircase above you. Blast the soldiers heading down the stairs toward you. They’re out of position, so you shouldn’t have any problem. Proceed up the stairs with your team after that. At the top, you’ll see a building to the left. Follow Woods and Bowman as they approach the door — when they kick it open, quickly gun down the soldiers inside (your target is to the right). Then swing right and deal with the troops taking cover up the driveway just through the building. INTEL: Don’t leave the building yet. From the door you first entered through, walk straight across to the boxes along the opposite wall. Look behind a rifle and on top of the boxes there for a brown reel-to-reel tape recorder. That’s your Intel package. Head out of this building and check the stairs to the left. Kill the soldiers coming down after you and then get up the stairs and inside. Look for more soldiers just in the door. Now you’re going to sweep and clear the building of soldiers. Follow Woods and keep an eye out for grenades. You can stick with Woods and fight down the hallway, or choose to go left through the dining room and flank the soldiers. Keep an eye out for the guys holed up ahead of you if you take the left path, however. Fight through the dining room and down the hall, and stick close-ish to Woods. As you round a corner to your right, check for additional soldiers in the bedroom on the left. Then you’ll enter a ramshackle sitting room, with more soldiers coming from the hallways at the far end. Get down, take out these guys from cover, and stick with Woods as he heads down the left hall and stops at a closed door there. When you get close behind him, he’ll kick open the door and you’ll have a few seconds of slow motion to kill the soldiers beyond. There are three — look for the last to the right, through the doorway. With that room clear, go with Woods to the next doorway. You’ll stack up behind him again, and this time when he kicks in the door, you’ll have a few seconds to line up a pistol shot on Castro’s face. ACHIEVEMENT/TROPHY: Peg Castro with a headshot here — it’s easy — and you get the “Death to Dictators” Achievement on Xbox 360, or Trophy on Playstation 3. Leave by the door that gets blown open to the left and you’ll step outside on to a patio. Move up with Woods toward the far end, and grab cover as more soldiers burst through the doors ahead of you. Take them down and push forward into the interior again. You’re entering an upper floor area that wraps around with two walkways. Watch the right side for Bowman to show up, and keep the soldiers lining up shots on him as he fights from killing him. Push to the end of the walkway and take out everyone on the top floor. Make sure to keep your head down, as the guys in the doorway at the far end are hard to see. As you clear everyone out up top, Woods will head down the stairs some and start firing at the front door out of the building. Support him from the upper floor, on the right side near where Bowman is set up. You’re basically just shooting soldiers as they run to take you on. INTEL: Before you head down the stairs, check for a bedroom on the right side walkway, near where Bowman came out to rejoin you. You should find it attached to an alcove that moves away from the railings and staircase where you’ve been fighting. Inside the bedroom, check the top of the dresser for the tape recorder. Follow Woods and Bowman down the stairs. Clear the walkway as they head outside and take cover behind the sandbags. On the left, you’ll find an RPG — switch that for your pistol, because you’ll want it in a second. You’re taking a lot of fire from enemy soldiers out here, and more are arriving in trucks. Wait for the truck that heads to the left to stop and hit it with the RPG to take out its 50 caliber gun. Mop up the enemy soldiers, especially the ones in the guard towers, with your rifle. Backup from Carlos will arrive momentarily, helping thin out the enemy. When you move up, you’ll see an APC enter the compound from the left. Get down and hit it with the RPG, or just sit tight and stay alive until your allies deal with it. Follow Woods and Bowman as they go through the gate and into the sugarcane field beyond. Just keep moving forward until you hit a broken wall. Follow the prompt to repel down and you’ll hit a hangar at the bottom, which you need to go through. INTEL: The level’s final piece of Intel is inside the hangar, so don’t go sprinting after Woods and Bowman just yet. Instead, move to the front left corner of the room, where you’ll see a staircase and platform. Climb the stairs and you’ll find the tape recorder at the top. Now you can go sprinting across the field toward the far hangar. You’ll be able to run the whole way, and you shouldn’t need to worry too much about taking damage. Get to the plane when you arrive and you’ll board it automatically. From your seat in the doorway of the plane, you’re tasked with shooting enemy soldiers who are trying to prevent you from taking off. Look for red barrels and anything mechanical — even trucks will explode under your fire. Pepper the entire area outside of the plane, knocking out all the soldiers and watching for trucks and guard towers. It won’t be too difficult for you — if it looks threatening, blast it. As you approach the runway, Mason will jump out of the plane to go man an artillery cannon. Just aim and fire at the roadblock ahead to clear the runway and let the plane take off. That’ll end the mission. ACHIEVEMENT: The “Sacrifice” Achievement is yours for finishing Black Ops’ first mission.

[edit] Vorkuta

As the cinematic ends, Mason picks up a rock as Reznov is being beaten. Approach the guard from behind and use a melee attack to kill him. You’ll pick up a knife off his body — time to get this prison break going. Follow the prisoners as they rush out. You’ll see guards occasionally — you can save prisoners who are fighting them, or ignore them. But be careful of anybody who comes at you wielding a pipe, because you need to slash them with your knife quickly or suffer the consequences. There are a lot of dead-end side paths as you move forward, but you can ignore all of them. Just keep moving and killing any guards that threaten you. After a short while, you’ll hit a freight elevator just past the sections of the mine that are on fire. Get aboard and ride to the top. Just off the elevator, a prisoner will kill a gun-wielding guard. Check his body after he’s dead to get hold of a pistol. Just beyond that, the throng of escapees will push open the doors leading outside, where they’ll promptly all get shot. You need to head to the right and quickly, where you and Reznov can take cover behind a coal cart. Use it to protect yourself while you fire away at the guards. Reznov and Sergei will call out where guards are attacking from (left and right flank), and it’s your job to open up on them as they appear and keep the two men protected. Meanwhile, stay as close in behind of the cart as possible as it moves forward, all the way to the end of the track. When you get there, the tower housing the 50 cal will be destroyed by other escapees. Lucky you. Follow Reznov as he heads to the left, up a flight of stairs. You’ll break off from Sergei and follow Reznov up some more stairs into the tower. INTEL: Follow Reznov over to the nook he stops in with the radio equipment. Check the shelf with the books to his right, along the wall. The tape recorder is laying there. Continue to the top of the tower. At the top, you’ll have to man a slingshot to fire explosives at three different targets. Line up your shots by positioning the bottom of the reticule — it has hashes to denote the fact that your projectile will fall in the air — just above each yellow spot marked “Target” in order to nail all three. ACHIEVEMENT: The “Slingshot Kid” Achievement is yours if you can destroy all three targets in just three shots. Follow the targeting instructions above to hit all three targets with one shot each. Descend the tower to the armory, which Sergei has blasted open. Get a shotgun there and follow Reznov outside, where you’re instructed to shoot the lock. Now you’ll have to fight off Russian soldiers as they flood into the compound ahead. Head a little left, around the fighting prisoners, and you’ll find a small building you can enter just beside the corridor on the right that heads forward. From inside, you can shoot through a window at soldiers and use the building for cover. When the way is clear, move up. A helicopter hovers in low above you as you move forward — ignore it and use the buildings for cover. If you stand in the open, the chopper gunner will drop you. Check the bodies of the soldiers you killed to find an AK-47, which will give you some more range. Trade it for your pistol. Keep one eye on the position of the helicopter and try to keep buildings between it and you. Head forward along the right side of the compound, hugging the building ahead. You’ll have a caged-in structure just ahead of you that you can hide behind — pick off any nearby soldiers, including the one with the RPG across from you on your right, atop the building. Wait for more prisoners to move up to give you cover and take out the remaining soldiers up ahead. Just beyond your building is Reznov, holding down an open door into a two-story building. When you can, sprint across and head up the stairs, where you’ll get a harpoon gun. Take a second to hide from the chopper gunner, and in between volleys of fire from him, step out and fire the harpoon at the chopper to crash it. Descend the stairs and head across the field to the blasted-open building ahead of you, where you’ll enter a hallway with soldiers using riot shields.Take cover along one of the walls or in an alcove and finish off the soldiers protecting the riot shield men, then sprint up and get around the side of them to kill them. That should clear out the lower floor. Follow Reznov up the steps and take cover at the top. TIP: Before you go up, check the soldiers’ bodies down here to trade your AK for one with an undermounted grenade launcher. It’ll be very useful later, so long as you don’t kill any comrades with it. You’ll have to kill a bunch of soldiers to advance forward. Keep your head down and keep firing at the guys taking cover at the end of the hallway. Before long, you’ll see a red alarm light start to flash and see enemies retreating — time to move up. Dash around the corner and slide under the door as it closes. Quickly look up to the second floor and take out the gunman there, then dash for the yellow rally point inside the security room and hit the button to deactivate the security door. That’ll let your allies in. Don’t leave the security room just yet. Instead, use the doorway for cover and look for soldiers on the second floor that are shooting at you. One’s directly in front of you, another is to the left. Now leave the room carefully and sweep left. Kill any remaining soldiers on the lower floor. INTEL: There’s a staircase you need to take directly in front of you, to the right of the security room if you’re facing it, but ignore it for now. Instead, make for the hallway past the staircase that heads off to the right. Follow it back to a small room that has a light over a desk with a tape recorder on it. The Intel package is there. Backtrack to the steps and climb them to the first landing. As you do, soldiers will drop in through the ceiling, the first of which are on top of the security room. Turn that way and waste them quickly. Use your elevated position to help clean up the soldiers on the ground floor and across from you on the second floor. Shoot all the descending soldiers quickly and try to keep under cover. Your prisoner allies will do a pretty good job helping out. When you’ve cleared the second floor, follow Reznov across the walkway and pull out your shotgun. He’ll grab the blowtorch, but as he does, Russian soldiers in riot gear will breach a nearby door. Use the shotgun to take them out — there should only be three or so. Reznov needs you to go back with him to open the vault. Double-back to the walkway but don’t enter it — instead, pick a spot by the wall and get your rifle out. Help Reznov clear the soldiers who are jumping onto the walkway, plus a few more outside to the left. Two are on the roof above, and one is on the same level as you. Now move back into the vault area. You’ve got regular soldiers coming up the stairs, and momentarily riot-gear troops will blast through the wall on the upper floor near Reznov. Take up a spot in the corner beside the walkway that leads to Reznov from the enemy position. There you’ll find a table and a riot shield you can hide behind. Get your shotgun out to deal with the riot troopers. You need to hold this position for quite a while, so try to snipe the riot troops with headshots through the shield, and make use of any grenades you might be carrying. You’ll have to hack away at quite a few soldiers until the door is open. As soon as Reznov cuts into the vault proper, sprint inside and grab the minigun. Get back outside and lay waste to any remaining soldiers in the room. Then go to the section of the wall that’s been destroyed up ahead, and shoot out at the army amassing below. Aim for vehicles, first and foremost. You’ll be able to blow them up as they arrive with the minigun. Keep an eye out for troops on the upper floors of buildings and the high walkways, and sweep along the ground to kill all the enemies fighting ahead of you. Then drop down. You’re basically Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2 at this point. Don’t take too much fire, but rely on the minigun to annihilate your enemies. Keep your eyes open for troops on the walkways above, because that’s where most of them are. The first set will appear on a walkway between two buildings you can ravage. As you start between the buildings, clearing enemies off the upper floors, you’ll come around the corner to find a truck speeding toward you. Destroy it and move slowly here, killing the guys above on the building ahead, as well as the soldiers that come sprinting to their doom on the ground. Around the next corner are a few more trucks, but you probably are just about out of minigun ammo. Blast as many as you can and switch to your regular weapons to mop up. Move forward a little more to trigger a cutscene. Step 8: Freedom

INTEL: A second later, you’ll get control back. Before you do anything, look at the wall past Reznov. You’ll see a door with a green light above it, and to the right of that, a shelf illuminated by a worklight. Walk up to the shelf and check the bottom of it for your third Intel kit. Time to escape. Head back to your bike and get on. Gun the engine to jump the ramp. Keep the engine gunned and fire your gun by using the left trigger button. You’ll be attacked by various enemies, most of which you can just avoid. The first group of motorcyclists, however, you’ll want to destroy. ACHIEVEMENT: Any time you see enemies on vehicles for this last segment of the mission, you’ll want to take them out. The trick is to blast motorcycle troops as fast as possible early on, and keep your eyes out for anybody on a truck. One shot at a driving truck will blow it. Later, when you get on a truck’s mounted gun, you’ll have more trucks and motorcycles to take out. if they’re moving and loaded with troops, blast them with the gun to destroy them. Taking out all the vehicle enemies nabs you the “Vehicular Slaughter” Achievement.” Keep driving and taking out enemies to protect yourself. Just make for the rally point, or follow Reznov, and avoid most of the enemies. Don’t veer from the course or you’ll find yourself dead. Not too much further along, you’ll come up alongside a truck with a mounted gun. Quickly shoot the gunner and you and Reznov will commandeer the truck. Once you’ve done that, control of the gun is yours. This is pretty easy. Deal first with trucks driving toward you and motorcycle troops following you. They’ll go down with little effort. After that, as you pass other enemies, look for red explosive barrels to take out groups all at once. After a short stint on the truck, you’ll pull alongside the train. Jump when prompted to end the mission. ACHIEVEMENT: The “Give Me Liberty” Achievement is unlocked for your success.

[edit] U.S.D.D

There’s nothing you need to do here except hang out and watch the story unfold. This is basically a cutscene, although it’s interactive to a degree. ACHIEVEMENT: Just for being along for the ride, the “VIP” Achievement is yours when the Pentagon scene is over.

[edit] Executive Order

Follow Woods as he moves forward through the rocket junkyard. Before long, you’ll catch sight of the Russian double agent, Weaver, being held hostage. After that, drop down and sprint with Woods to the pipeline ahead for cover. Stay down while the helicopter moves overhead. Then follow Woods around the pipe and hop over. Keep moving until you see the two Russian soldiers. When Woods goes to make his move, get close to the one who’s standing and stealth kill him. Drag the body to the rally point to trigger a quick cutscene. Now outfitted in a Russian uniform, you’ll need to just keep following Woods. Stick with him as you infiltrate the base — if you leave your team, you’ll be found out and have to restart from the last checkpoint. After a bit, you and Woods will approach the communications building. After some distraction, Woods will kick down the door. Rush in when that happens and start shooting. There are three soldiers on this first floor, and you can catch them pretty much unawares if you move up along the right wall and flank them. You’ve got two more floors to clear above this one, so approach the stairs carefully. When you get on them, it’s best to stay low and poke your head up carefully. Let the enemy come to you, or move to a spot where you can draw a bead on them. Kill the guys to the right of the stairs, and when there aren’t any more moving around in that area, go up a little more and look down to the left. There are two more soldiers hiding out there for you to deal with. That should clear the second floor. Repeat the process with the third, then move to the ladder to reach the roof. Once there, you’ll see a soldier right ahead of you that you can shove off the side of the building. As soon as you do that, spin around and shoot the gun behind you. There are four troopers up here altogether, so check each corner for an enemy to get rid of them all. Then return to Woods. You’ll need to cover the rest of your team using a crossbow that fire explosive bolts. Aim it at the vehicles that roll up first and hit them — they’ll explode, killing the troops nearby and allowing your men to move up. The next time your team stops, you’ll see soldiers coming around the corner of the building in front of them, and then a truck pull up. Get the truck fast, then just keep landing bolts in the middle of group of soldiers until they’re gone. After clearing the soldiers, Mason will switch the crossbow to fire a zipline tether. Hit the building marked with the rally point and you’ll go sliding down toward it. When you hit the window, you’ll get a slow-motion opportunity to blast the soldiers holding Weaver, who’s strapped to a chair. Don’t shoot him.

INTEL: Check the table to the left of Weaver’s chair to find an Intel package. You’re free to move forward with the whole team now. As soon as you leave Weaver’s building, you’ll be on the clock to get to the control bunker. Follow the team as they hop over the railing out the outside of the rocket facility and move along the concrete walkway. Sprint down to cover behind a pipe, then climb up the ladder quickly to find a better spot above. Clear the way forward and move up when you can. You’ll need to stay under cover whenever possible, but keep pushing forward. When you get to the platform ahead, grab a spot and start nailing down the enemy soldiers on the other side of it. There are only a few, so you should be able to make short work of them. Head to the ramp next and take cover at the wall beside it. There are a bunch of soldiers at the bottom, and a few will huck grenades up at you. You can do the same, but keep hammering away at them and move up as soon as possible. Get down around the corner and grab cover along the left wall. A few more Russians are waiting for you here, most notably way back in the left corner. Use your team to help finish them before moving up. The next section has you heading around another corner into an open area. Get the guys on the walkway above to the right before going into the small courtyard ahead. You’ll be without cover here, so act fast against the last two soldiers and get to the control bunker around the last corner. You’ll be prompted to plant explosives to blow open the wall to the bunker. Weaver will rush inside and try to stop the rocket. INTEL: Meantime, quickly move to the back left corner and take the Intel tape recorder from below the TV monitor. It can be a little difficult to get close enough because of the chair there. Get it fast and then get back outside. Go to the rally point to get hold of a surface-to-air missile launcher. Aim it at the rocket, which is taking off in the distance, and fire. You’ll have to manually control the missile to steer it into the rocket and take it out. Follow your team quickly back to the tunnels, which have been blown open back at the ramp you descended. Head down and keep up with Woods as he continues to descend. After the team is split up, you’ll start hitting hallways filled with Russians. Look for the first group of Russians at the base of the stairs. They’re taking up positions on the sides of the doorway up ahead, but you can catch some or all of them as they’re running to get set up. Around the corner is a long hallway packed with guys. Still have that crossbow? You can break out the explosive bolts to do some damage here, or just the regular bolts to take out enemies using the scope. Stay back under cover, preferably near the stairs, and watch out for grenades. Clear the hallway and move up into the room beyond. There’s another, shorter hallway there, which will also have soldiers moving into it. Be careful and stay under cover as you deal with them. Around the corner, you’ll enter a big computer room, also filled with soldiers. Use the doorway for cover and look for Russians behind the desks. Try to take them out steadily, one at a time, until you can move into the room and to the long hall beyond it. Push through the computer room and you’ll enter a long hallway in which the enemies keep respawning. You’ll need to push forward in intervals and stay down to avoid fire. Dying here will put you back before the computer room, which was an annoying battle itself. Move from cover to cover as you go forward, dropping soldiers as you do. You’ll eventually want to make your way to the crates ahead on the left, where you’ll be able to look into a small control room to the right. Be careful here, as you’re exposed to fire from soldiers in that room. Blast away at the troops you can see from where you’re standing, being careful to avoid fire from the ones further down the hallway. When you’re clear, dash across to the control room and hold in the doorway, so you can look around the corner and start dropping soldiers here. You’ll need to push through this room to the exit around on the other side, but do so carefully and slowly. Finish off the enemies here and you’ll be able to get to the end of this hall and kill the guys behind a small car at the end. INTEL: Before you leave the room, which has a portrait of Lenin at the back so you know it’s the right one, move between the consoles over to the window that looks out into the hallway you just left. The tape recorder stands on the right console, right beside the window. Across from the control room is a locker room. Sweep it carefully and push through to the next section of hallway. There will probably be two guys in the locker room, so proceed with caution. The next portion of the hallway is much easier. Still stay down and watch for a soldier to come diving through a glass window on the left. Beyond him, some smoke will obscure two more guys. You can deal with them best by ducking into a nearby doorway and letting your team help out. Be ready for a close encounter. Head into the smoke to hit the end of the mission. ACHIEVEMENT: For your trouble, you’ll receive the ”A Safer Place” Achievement.

[edit] S.O.G

Once you’re finished helping Hudson, you’ll have to start moving through the trenches with Woods. Grab a weapon you’re handy with and get ready for a tough fight. You won’t hit anything for a few seconds, until you see NVA troops running across the field to your left. Stop, get down and stay in cover while you thwart any enemies that come toward the trench. On harder difficulties, you’ll be taking a ton of fire for this whole mission, so keeping your head down is critical. A little ahead, you’ll be ambushed by a soldier in a quicktime event. Tap the button as prompted to beat him and then move up a little more. Hudson and Woods will call out ladders, and you’ll see enemies crossing the trench and dropping down into it. First, grab cover and line up your gun so that you can quickly cut down the three or four NVA soldiers who drop down to your level and come steaming toward you. You’ll want to kill these guys as fast as possible from behind cover. They put up a bit of a fight, so be careful. With those guys down, you can mop up whoever’s left up by the ladders. Ignore the troops that go past you and shoot the ones that stop to shoot at you. When you’re clear here, start around the corner to the right. Stay back and find a good spot to hide while you fight. You may even want to hang back at the corner and let Woods and Hudson do the brunt of the battling here, because you’re going to take fire from guys in the trench as well as some on the sides, who are tougher to spot. Again, stay under cover and pick targets that are dangerous. Keep moving around with Woods and Hudson, but let them lead and take fire whenever possible. As you move up, you’ll deal with more soldiers dropping into the trench and shooting you from above, so be careful. Ahead, Hudson and Woods will stop to start opening up on NVA as they cross toward your trench. A second later, they’ll blow a napalm bomb in the area and wipe out a lot of the attackers. Ahead, you’ll see three detonators marked on your heads-up display that do the same thing. This is tough, because you need to get to the detonators and blow them, but you’ll be under constant assault as you move toward them. Keep your gun up and consider switching to the LMG you’re carrying as a secondary weapon. Blast any NVA that get into the trench or the edge of it and stay low. Get to the first detonator and blow it, then repeat the process of clearing a path to the second detonator. Blow that as well, being careful not to get flanked by more soldiers jumping the trench. Then haul ass up to the last marker, which is a bunker where Woods is fighting with a mounted machine gun. Here you’ll find a LAW launcher, and you’ll soon have to use it against a few tanks. Take a second here and try to thin out the enemy troops, as you’ll want to wait for the tanks to get a little closer anyway before you start dropping them. Just aim straight at the tanks, but try to hit them when they’re stopped, as the LAW takes a second to fire. After you’ve destroyed the tanks, follow the path up the hill along with Woods and Hudson. Keep moving to the top, where the path cuts to the left. You’ll see piles of ordinance and sand bags there. INTEL: Before taking the turn left, go forward at the top of the hill to the shed that’s filled with missiles and other boxes, covered with a green tarp. Look for the pile of crates at the front, just to the right of the path. On the right side of that pile is your Intel tape recorder.

Follow the path along until you hit a hole with a ladder. At the bottom, you’ll regroup with your team. At the end of the tunnel, you’ll hit a hill where a bunch of marines are pinned down. Take cover while Woods is talking and train your gun down the left path — you’ll have NVA soldiers charging momentarily. You need to clear yourself a path so you can move down the hill and get to those two barrels you see below you. They’re kind of green and tan and out by themselves, with black bombs strapped to them. Move down to the lower cover position that Woods and Hudson get to and turn to the right to get the troops firing at your flank from the bunker. Stay down and fight through the NVA until you can go down another step to cover. The trick is to look for the guys on the sides who are behind sandbags and stuff and handle them, because Hudson and Woods are going to fight the guys directly in front of you. When you can, run down and get to the first barrel. Hit the button prompt and you’ll kick it down toward the trench, setting part of it on fire. You need to get to the second barrel to stem the onslaught of NVA, so get to cover and wait for your opportunity. Run to the second barrel and kick it down to finish this objective. Mop up any remaining NVA to make sure you don’t get popped while you’re thinking you’re safe. TIP: Head back up and check out all those bunkers you passed as you were coming down. They’re filled with weapons. INTEL: Before you leave, look to the left side of the hill if you were standing at the top of it. You’ll find a bunker toward the bottom that you can enter. Check the thin window slit at the front of it, which looks out over the battlefield, to find the reel-to-reel. Follow your team around the corner to the right and you’ll hit a big, burned-out hill that you need to climb and retake. Head to the right and find some cover, and keep your gun aimed up the hill as you start clearing out enemies and heading upward. You’ll need to go level-by-level as you climb, but it’s not so difficult as long as you pick targets and move up slowly. Let the marines do most of the fighting and just look for enemies to shoot as you go up. The ones under cover are the most dangerous, and don’t get lulled into the idea of looking forward on the path as you go laterally along the hill — enemies will rush you from above, so keep looking up. At the top, you’ll hit another tunnel you need to enter. It’s a bunker that’s mostly destroyed — pass the medic and stop when you go by a pile of debris on fire on your right. INTEL: See that guy waving his hands around and acting crazy? That’s Sgt. Welch. Go past him to the corner behind him and check the shelf on the right. Through the bunker, you’ll find a jeep. Get to the back of it and you’ll be tasked with shooting at NVA while Woods drives the car around, positioning you to fire guided TOW missiles at six different tanks. It’s pretty straight-forward and you shouldn’t need to worry about dying. ACHIEVEMENT: You can snag the “Tough Economy” Achievement here by using only one TOW missile to take out each tank. This is difficult only because the missiles go really fast, so if you aim too high, you’ll overshoot. Pick your shots on each tank where you can basically send the missile in a straight line without hitting the ground, dodging over anything, or going around debris. The tanks will usually give you the shot you need, but don’t take too long. Dealing with the tanks doesn’t require a lot of strategy. When you finish them off, the mission will end. ACHIEVEMENT: Finishing in Khe Sanh nets you the “Looks Don’t Count” Achievement.

[edit] The Defector

The SPAS-12 shotgun Woods tosses you at the opening of the level is a great gun, but be careful — it has spread fire and shoots incendiary shells, and if you hit any of the fleeing civilians, you’ll be kicked back to the last checkpoint you hit. ACHIEVEMENT: You can easily get “The Dragon Within” Achievement by taking out 10 NVA with the shotgun you just received. You’ll likely do that anyway, but keep it in mind. Go through the door and turn left to level your shotgun on a few NVA that are headed your way. You’ll basically be wading slowly through each room and using your shotgun as your primary means of defense. Keep your head down when possible, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble in here. Move up to where Woods takes cover at a corner. You’ll see a room filled with NVA — dodge back and keep out of sight while Bowman uses the helicopter to clear the entire room for you. Move up and Bowman and Carlos will drop in through the roof and help out with the few NVA dug in around the corner. Clear the room and advance forward. Up ahead, you’ll see a civilian pop out of a room, and then a bunch 0f NVA pouring in behind him. Use the windows in the wall to give you some cover as you set them all ablaze with your shotgun. Moving into the next area, you’ll be at the top of some stairs with enemies below. Be careful of the molotov cocktail that comes flying through the window at you. Use the wall near the stairs for cover and look first for the soldier straight across from you, shooting at you from your level. Clear out the enemies in the open downstairs — your shotgun should do fine — and move down to finish the guy behind the wall at the back. Beyond him is the breached safe room, which has a hole in the ceiling with a soldier waiting to ambush you. Be careful to get him and the enemy in the room as you go through the door. Move through the safe room and breach the door on the other side. Take out the NWA soldiers, one sitting at a radio and the other coming through the door, and push forward into the war room beyond. There are a few soldiers on this side of the room immediately to your left, under cover. Blast them all with your shotgun and head to the wall just past it. Most of the fighting you’ll do here is from behind cover over the central section of the room. Switch to the assault rifle you’re carrying as a secondary weapon and use it to pick off the guys across from you at a distance. Then you can switch to your grenade launcher attachment and fire down on the troops below you to clear the room. Descend the stairs and head to the door on the far end of the room. Head through the hallway and kick open the door at the end for a quick cinematic sequence. INTEL: Now that you’ve joined up with Reznov, follow him out the door and into the hallway beyond. You’ll see a little offshoot room to the right. Step into that and check the desk at the back to get your tape recorder. Keep moving out of the building to regroup with Bowman and Woods. Fighting Through the Streets

As you head outside, climb up to the roof of the building ahead and get the radio from the soldier there. Use it to call in an air strike on the marked building nearby. Switch off your shotgun if you haven’t already and start using your assault rifle to pick off enemy soldiers. You’ll want to concentrate on the second floors of the surrounding buildings — there’s one right across from you that can be problematic, and you’ll see soldiers down the street ahead along the left wall. Sit tight on the roof and clear the way for your team. When you get the ability to call in another air strike, aim it at the building at the very end of the street that extends ahead of you, which is the way Bottom Feeder goes. You’ll probably see an RPG team on top of it — you want to get rid of them, and anyone else in the building. ACHIEVEMENT: You should also make sure of the air strikes whenever you can. Killing 20 NVA with air strikes, which is pretty easy, nets you the “Raining Pain” Achievement. Drop down off the building when you’ve cleared the way and head down the street. Mop up any remaining enemy soldiers. It’s most effective to go through the buildings with your shotgun, to make sure nobody flanks you. INTEL: Remember that building with the RPG team that you called the air strike against? It’s the tall one at the end of the first street. Go into the alley beside it and you’ll find a door that lets you get into the side. Move through it, past the kitchen and down a small flight of stairs. You’ll turn left and go through a tiny room with a desk in it — on the desk, you’ll find your recorder. Go carefully through this building, as you’re approaching an area filled with NVA. As you get to the end, you’ll hit a window that looks out onto the street, and straight across from you is a building filled with enemies. You’ll want to call an air strike on that, but not just yet. Hang tight a sec and shoot any soldiers near you to clear them out as a tank shows up to kill the Bottom Feeder NPC. Use your air strike on the tank and take cover until the helicopter annihilates it. This is a good place to sit tight and pick of NVA while you wait for your air strikes to replenish. You’ll want to call one on the building across from you, and there are a few others that are swamped with enemies that the helicopter can ravage as well. It takes a few seconds, but you’ll net your achievement and have an easier time overall. Keep heading forward using the buildings on the left for cover, but as you go through the interiors, make sure to have your shotgun ready to deal with ambushing enemies. When you hit the end of the next building, you’ll find tons of NVA troops outside. Call an air strike on the building marked in your HUD (you should do that after you’ve got your “Raining Pain” Achievement, just in case) to stem the flow of enemy troops into your area. Follow Woods as you head to the right. He’ll kick open a gate, then cross to a door he’s trying to push open to get you off the street. Go to the door and follow the prompts to help out and you’ll get inside. Time to clear the building. Get your shotgun back out if you have it and head up the stairs. At the top, blast the two soldiers shooting down at the street, then shoot out the window to the right and kill all the troops there. Jump through and you’ll fall down into the room on the first floor below. Move through the building to the courtyard outside, which has a handful of troops in it that you can generally lay waste to using the shotgun. Clear the way forward and head into the next building. Go to the mark and plant the C4 on the ceiling, then leave the room and blow it to destroy the ZSU gun. INTEL: Go through the building you just blew and out to the LZ beyond. A helicopter has landed, but ignore it for now. Instead, while facing the helicopter, turn right toward a building that has cars parked in front of it. Head inside the building and turn left to find a table with a phone on it and the tape recorder beside that. Head back to the helicopter and turn to the right to the blasted-out building where Woods is holed up. That’s the best place to use to hold down this position. Get upstairs and use the windows or the low wall outside the door at the front, and face toward the building where you just got the Intel package. You’ll have to take out a wave of NVA attackers here. Keep your head down and shoot down the street where the first smoke grenade goes off, near where you just came from. Hang back in your building and fight off the incoming attackers. Use the undermounted grenade launcher you’ve got on your assault rifle to do some damage, but basically, just keep picking off attackers as best you can and stay alive. Once you’ve fought through enough enemies, the NWA will pull back to regroup. You’ll have a bit of down time, after which a tank will roll in with a second wave of soldiers. Pick off what soldiers you can, but keep your head down and stay alive for a few more seconds. You’ll get the call to drop another air strike. Place the marker on the tank, then turn around and look for the marker on your HUD. Once you call in the strike, just run for the rally point — you’ve only got about 20 seconds to get to the boat it marks. Get down to the boat and jump on to end the mission. ACHIEVEMENT: As you escape on the boat, your reward will be the “SOG Rules” Achievement.

[edit] Numbers

Follow the prompts to get through the interrogation with Clarke. After a few moments, Dragovich’s soldiers show up to get rid of Clarke. INTEL: Ignore the soldiers for a second and pull a 180. You’ll be facing the back wall of the room, and to the left is a little office nook. Go around to the left and check the desk for your reel-to-reel. Follow Clarke up the ladder when the Nova 6 canisters get ruptured. If you hang out in here too long, you’ll breathe in the gas and die. You now face the tough prospect of trying to fight your way through the hallways ahead. Around the first corner, you’ll see two Spetsnaz soldiers take position on either side of the hall. Get up and kill them fast before they get set. There are a lot more troops ahead, and they seem to have more effective weapons than your duel pistols. Hang back and let Weaver and Clarke help you, and try to draw the enemies to you so you can kill them one at a time, and on your own terms. ACHIEVEMENT: It’s tempting to drop your pistols in favor of something a little meaner, like a shotgun, but if you hang on to your duel-wield weapons and use nothing else for the rest of the mission, you’ll receive the “Double Trouble” Achievement at the end. Once you’ve cleared the way forward, you can advance toward the staircase at the end of the hall. That’ll lead you up to the roof, where you’ll face two more Spetsnaz soldiers behind cover — one in the back of the area, the other to the right. Keep your head down and try to get them quickly, but don’t expose yourself too much. Follow Clarke when the way’s clear. You have to jump from the roof to a balcony below, and you can’t make the jump without sprinting. Be careful and try to do so quickly, as troops are shooting at you from the next building. When you land, Clarke will open a hidden weapons cache, where you can resupply or take new stuff. If you’re trying to get the “Double Trouble” Achievement, remember to only take marked duel-wield weapons. Clarke opens the door next, and you’ll head out into the hallway to find the Russians doing a room-by-room clear of the building. Take out the first two before they have a chance to get set to fight you, then sprint up to the alcove to the left. Kill the guy behind the iron bars while you’re there — he’s behind the wall on your right as you enter the alcove. You’ll want to move up slowly here, from cover to cover, as you clear through the enemy soldiers. Hang back and shoot at the guys up ahead, and make sure to let Clarke and Weaver help out and draw fire. Also watch for soldiers in the side rooms as you go up. Head up to the next alcove on the right, and clear the room across from it. Be careful of grenades as you go and keep mowing down troops ahead of you. When you hear Weaver call out “Flashbang,” try to face into a corner and away from the open hallway. This will help you avoid being stunned by the grenade, and you can turn back to the hallway to kill the three attacking Spetsnaz from cover. Move up. When you enter the next room, soldiers will swing in through the windows ahead. Unload on them before they can get their bearings and you’ll drop the first two easily. Move up to the wall ahead and shoot the last soldier, who’s in the next room and hiding behind a wall, when he sticks his head out. As you push through here, you’ll see a doorway that leads back outside to a rooftop swarming with enemies. Do what you can to take out the guys ahead of you, who are in another building as well as on top of it, from a distance. You may want to kill one or two and then sprint across to the building to close the distance. From here, you can take cover against all the guys that are set up to your left. A fairly effective strategy for dealing with these guys is to climb into the building you just cleared and use the windows and grates for cover to flank everybody on the rooftop. It’s tough because there are a lot of soldiers in different positions, so be careful if you try that route. Either way, you’ll have a mess of guys to clear on the rooftop, as well as more soldiers spread out on the upper floors of the surrounding buildings, taking pot-shots at you. Keep your eyes up and try to get rid of those guys when possible, so you can more effectively take out the guys on your level while they’re dealing with Weaver and Clarke. You’ll probably need to clear this area section by section, so stay in cover and kill the guys to the left of where you first entered the rooftop, then use their positions for cover from the guys to the right. When you’ve killed everyone or made sufficient headway that you can run for it, sprint to the rally point and take the stairs down. At the bottom, you’ll find Clarke and Weaver taking up positions to push into the next area. You’re dealing with forces on the ground and two guys above, so use the corner of the entrance for cover and clear out the guys on the ground. Move up on the left and stay under the balcony until you can get eyes on the two soldiers above you. Drop them quickly and follow Clarke. At the bottom of the elevator shaft, you’ll follow Clarke until you see two soldiers with their backs to you. Drop down behind them and knife them silently, then follow Clarke as he explains where you can find Steiner. At the end of the little rooftop pathway, you’ll hit a spot where you’ll slide down the roof in slow-motion as soldiers flood out below you. Look for an explosive barrel on the right (painted dull red) and open up on it to blow it up and take the soldiers out. Mop up whoever’s left. INTEL: When you slide off the roof, go directly forward until you’re under the corrugated metal overhang and turn left. You’ll see the tape recorder on the ground. Grab ammo when Clarke reveals another weapons cache, then move after him. He and Weaver will drop down and take up positions to fight the soldiers ahead, but you can actually follow the rooftops along the left side and get to a balcony that the Spetsnaz are using to fire down on them. Kill the soldiers and take the spot for yourself. Straight across from this position is another building, with troops in the windows for three floors going down. Keep your head down — one has an RPG — and deal with those guys quickly. Then turn your attention forward to find two more soldiers taking position below you, who should be easy to kill. Drop down and meet up with Weaver and Clarke and head to the rally point. Hop onto the balcony and enter the room beyond, where Russian soldiers will breach the door. You’ll have plenty of slow-mo time to fill the open doorway with bullets, so do that. When the smoke clears, you’ll find two dead Spetsnaz. Getting Away

Continue down the hall, keeping an eye out for more troops getting set up ahead of you. There should only be two when you hit the area with the flickering light, and past them, two more. Make your way back outside and open up on the adjacent balcony to your left, which has more guys under cover on it. Cross that balcony and follow Clarke until you have to jump to another balcony and get back inside. Help Clarke clear the hallway and you’ll make drop back outside into an enclosed area. Get behind cover and watch for the Spetsnaz defending up ahead. You’ll find one behind a stack of crates out front of the interior section ahead, and two more inside on the left and the right. Clear them out and Clarke will open up one more weapons cache for you. You’ll need to defend this position for a few seconds while Clarke gets the door open. Spetsnaz come flowing down from the rooftops where you just came from, so stick to cover and unload on them as they get close and easier to kill. Keep an eye on the high ground to the right, as this is a prime place for soldiers to use to sneak up on your flank. This isn’t that big an attack wave, but you will need to protect yourself as best you can. There aren’t many good places to hide here and the Russian soldiers are all on the attack. Switch weapons if you must, but remember to get anything other than duel wield voids your “Double Trouble” Achievement. Keep blasting away until Clarke gets the door open, then follow him out of there. Drop down on the rooftops and follow him into the jump across to the overhang on the other side. After a short cinematic, you’ll have to follow the rooftops around the outside to make your way to the ground level. The first jump down is to the building below you. Kill the two soldiers there and hop down, then follow Weaver as he makes his way around the edges. You’ll have to drop a few more times, so keep an eye out for soldiers a little below you — you’re vulnerable to stray bullets while you’re injured from the falls. A jump or two further down, you’ll run into those two soldiers. Blast them from the ledge above if you can, or take them out quickly as you hit the ground and take the corner to avoid getting dropped yourself. INTEL: Next, you’ll drop down to another overhang just below the one where you fought these two guys. It’s bathed in red light and has a rally point marker as you approach. Drop to the red overhang and do a 180. The reel-to-reel is lying on the ground just behind where you land. Proceed forward onto the scaffolding just ahead, where you’ll fall into an uncontrolled slide and hit the ground below. You’ll lose your guns here (and get your “Double Trouble” Achievement), so quickly pick up the pistol lying on the table beside you and shoot into the throng of soldiers just ahead. A second later, the mission ends.

[edit] Nova

Follow your squad down the path and then head to the rally point. After a story cutscene, you’ll arrive at the Nazi camp. Follow the soldiers up the hill, and start gunning down anything wearing white when you hit the top. Proceed down into the camp. Stay near cover to avoid soldiers coming up the path toward you, and check the windows of the building below on the left for Nazis shooting from the windows. Hit the road at the bottom and head left, where you can mop up any straggling soldiers. At the end of the road, you’ll go through a garage where Nazi soldiers are trying to surrender. Apparently you’re not taking prisoners, however. Past them, take cover in the doorway of the garage and start clearing the field in front of you. You shouldn’t have much trouble, as the Nazis are largely disorganized and unprepared for your assault. Cross the field to another garage and use that to work your way right. Use the doorway for cover again as you pick the Germans off the fence just ahead of you, then push up from position to position as you approach the two-story German command center. Most of the soldiers are concentrated in this area are concentrated in the command center. Head toward it, but don’t go in — instead, set up outside and try to pick off soldiers one at a time. You’ll be facing Germans under cover to the far right and in the back of the room, and there are a lot of soldiers. To make matters worse, the transition between the interior of the building and being outside is disorienting, and makes it hard to see. Use grenades and careful tactics to clear the room, then make for the stairs at the back. There are a bunch more soldiers upstairs. Creep up and kill the one that’s guarding the landing at the top, but don’t poke your head above the floor just yet. Instead, cook a potato masher and toss it up to the floor above you to drop the three soldiers waiting for you. Proceed upstairs and look for the doorway to your right. You’ve got two more soldiers in that room — one behind cover right in front of the doorway, and one hiding to the right. Proceed with caution. INTEL: On the second floor of the command center, take the door at the top of the stairs and turn right. You’ll see a map on the wall of the United States with red marks on it that seem to indicate missile strikes. Check the table below it for your Intel package. Backtrack out of the command center. The road beside it is now clear, and past here the Nazi soldiers are making their last stand. They’ve got the road ahead covered by 50 cal, so cut to the right and clear the way into the building that flanks the street. Watch out for a soldier or two inside as you enter. Follow the building to the end and use the left side of the doorway for cover. Shoot the soldier standing in the doorway of the next building, and get the one on the balcony above as well. Be sure to stay out of the sights of the 50 cal. You now have the ability to mark targets with smoke grenades for mortar strikes. Do that if you can pick a good one. Sprint to the doorway to the next building, but don’t enter. You first have to clear it of a few entrenched soldiers, so take your time and be careful. Use a grenade to get rid of the Nazis behind the table in front of you, then climb to the second floor of teh building. The bridge with the 50 cal connects to this structure, so use the doorway to call a mortar strike on the bridge to destroy it. Then go to the window facing further down the street, where the last of the soldiers here are entrenched. Toss another mortar strike at those guys while you open up on them from cover. That should clear them out pretty effectively. Jump down and head into the hangar they were camped in, being sure to kill the two troops at the back of the room (one behind a wall, one to the left). INTEL: When you enter the hangar, go past the rocket all the way to the back, to the small office where the Nazi was taking cover as you entered. Check the table on the left side of that small room for a tape recorder. Go to the rally point and Petrenko will kick the door open to get out of the building. Move along the path until you get into a wide trench area outside, where you can move to different cover positions as you pick off the few soldiers here. As you reach the end of this area, you’ll hit another road covered by a 50 cal. Move left behind the last snow mound and enter the building there. Push through to the left and you’ll exit to a position where you can hide behind some power equipment and flank the entrenched Germans. Toss a mortar on those guys and sit back. The 50 cal above is unloading on your comrades, and you can toss a mortar up there to thin them out, but it’s not essential. Instead, pick targets underneath the overhang that the 50 cal is on — clear that area and then sprint underneath and make for the door on the left. This next room is packed with Nazis, so move in slowly. Use the doorway for cover to get the soldiers who are directly in front of you, and try a grenade or just peeking out to get the two guys under cover to the left. Finish off a few more soldiers in here and you’re clear to enter. Make for the stairs. You’ll have more soldiers under cover at the top — one or two in front, two more on the left. If you kill the guys on the left, you can move up on that side and flank the last of the soldiers in the room. Then make for a window or the door to engage the guys who are stationed near the 50 cal. A mortar or just plain keeping your head down is effective here. You have four more soldiers to mop up — finish them and make for the rally point.

[edit] The Ship

With Steiner in custody, follow your troops as they meet up with Dragovich. Enter the ship and follow the rally points until you hit another story point. When you receive control back, you’ll need to fight your way off the ship. The first room is awash in enemy soldiers — look for red barrels you can blow up to kill lots at once. Don’t leave any standing, as they’ll shoot you in the back. Move out of the first room and into the second. Take cover at the first set of crates and start killing off the British soldiers. If you don’t massacre all of them here, you won’t be able to set the explosives, as you’ll surely be killed on any difficulty harder than Normal. Get the two soldiers up on the catwalk at the top of the room first, if you can. They’re the most irritating. There’s also an explosive barrel in the middle of the room you can take out. When you’re in the clear, move over to the V2 rocket on the right and plant the explosive charge. To escape the room, you’ll have to shoot a support beam on the left side, near another rocket. That makes a path up to the catwalk you can use to escape. ACHIEVEMENT: The timer starts when you plant the explosives. If you’re on Veteran, making it off the ship before the timer hits 2:15 will snag you the “Light Foot” Achievement. Head out onto the deck, being careful of the two British soldiers right at the outside doorway. Turn left and ignore everyone — sprint up the catwalk to the deck. Keep moving forward, blasting anyone who gets in your way. INTEL: Your last Intel package is on the right side right before a set of stairs to the upper part of the deck, where there’s a set of black doors. Right up against the doors, a little to the right of the path, is the tape recorder on the ground. Head toward the stairs and shoot the British that are shooting down at you. You’ll want to hit them as best you can, but just keep moving. At the top of the stairs, make a hard right turn, where you’ll see a rope. Approach it and you’ll slide down off the boat. You’re then free to run across the ice and escape, ending the mission. ACHIEVEMENT: Your “Some Wounds Never Heal” Achievement is your reward for finishing the mission.

[edit] Victor Charlie

Quickly pull your pistol and shoot the two VC troops attacking you from the front of the helicopter. When it fills with water, you’ll be prompted to hit a button to get the door open. After that, swim to the nearby boat, where you’ll take a VC soldier hostage and can use his gun to shoot his friends on nearby boats. From here, try to snipe the two soldiers on the ridge to the left of Reznov and Woods. From here, they won’t shoot back at you. After that, swim the rest of the river and join them behind cover on the bank to fight off the VC just ahead. Just stick to cover and be careful of any of the troops charging up on a suicide run to kill you. It shouldn’t be too tough here. After that, move up with Woods and follow him until you hit the river again. Swim up to meet him, then swim to the boat marked with a rally point. As you approach, follow the prompt to stealth kill the enemy there. Follow Woods ahead. You’ll link up with Bowman just beyond on a small platform. Stick with Woods as he goes back into the river and swim down to plant C4 on the underwater structure. Swim back up to Woods and follow him as he climbs up to another house. Inside, you’ll find two soldiers sleeping in hammocks. Approach the first one and knife him while Woods deals with the other. Then proceed through the doorway. INTEL: Be quiet here but don’t advance toward the third soldier, the one who’s ahead of you and eating by himself. Instead, wrap around as you enter the doorway to the left to a little nook alongside the entryway. A tape recorder waits for you on the ground. Now go ahead and sneak up on the soldier ahead. Stealth kill him and you can proceed with Woods. ACHIEVEMENT: You’ll automatically pick up the “Up Close and Personal” Achievement for silently killing three VC soldiers. Further up, you’ll find a hole in the deck that you can drop into. Once there, plant another C4 charge just under the building you left, and Mason will automatically pull himself through the fence to the open part of the river. Swim to the rally point ahead. You’ll follow Woods up to the village from here. When you get there, you’ll receive the order to blow the C4. When that happens, it’s time to go work on the various soldiers scattered around. Take cover and start knocking them down. Turn your attention to the roof of the hut on the left, where you’ll need to quickly dispatch with a guy carrying an RPG. As you clear the way forward, move up on the left to get inside a hut you can use for cover. This is also a good place to flank the enemies that are attacking Woods and Bowman. Keep your head down and continue the push forward. Keep an eye out for explosive barrels to help thin out the enemies. Your goal up ahead is a spider hole, which is marked with a rally point. Watch out for enemies to the left and behind it. Kill them as you get to the back window of the hut, then look for the hole. Hit it with a grenade or use your rifle’s grenade launcher to blow it and stop the flow of enemies out of it. INTEL: Directly behind the spider hole, and at the end of the first path through the village, is a small hut that’s kind of angled, standing at the corner where you turn right to continue your assault through the village. Go inside and look at the table on the left. Get your reel-to-reel off the ground on the right side of the table, in the corner of the hut. When you turn right, you’ll have to mop up a couple more soldiers (watch for the one in the small alcove area on the left) behind cover. Move up fast and find a good spot to cover yourself as you approach the river again. You’ll see a boat with a ZPU shooting up at aircraft — you need to take that gun out. To do so, turn right when you hit the river and sprint to where a Grim Reaper rocket launcher has fallen. Scoop it up fast and turn it on the marked boat. You can also use it on the other boats that are filled with VC troops. Get to cover as soon as you get the Reaper, as all those guys are gunning for you. Blowing the ZPU boat leaves the sky open for a bombing run from friendly planes. After they blow everything up, you’ll have to follow Woods and Bowman again as they go to clear out the rest of the village. Look for an RPG gunner on the building to the right of their position first thing. Make sure you bring that Grim Reaper with you. Move up as Woods and Bowman head toward the hut marked with the rally point. A well-placed launcher grenade can annihilate the guys guarding it. Follow your team as they move up, and take cover inside the hut. ACHIEVEMENT: There’s a mounted MG nest just ahead that makes it impossible to move forward once you’re on the other side of the hut. Whip out your Grim Reaper and pick your shot. Be careful, as the MG will be aiming mostly right at your head as you try to get set up. The “Heavy Hand” Achievement unlocks for taking down the MG nest with the Grim Reaper. Switch weapons and pick off the remaining VC. Move up carefully with your team, making sure to let everyone else lead and draw fire, until you’ve finished off all the enemies ahead. When you hit the rally point just beyond, you’ll discover a rat tunnel — and it’s your job to clear it.

[edit] The Rat Tunnel

Turn on the flashlight Woods gives you and follow Swift into the tunnel. Follow him until Reznov drops in, then keep moving along the tunnel until you hit a kitchen area. There, three or or four VC troops will strafe the entranceway, trying to take you out. Blast them with your revolver quickly and you should get through without taking much damage. Help Reznov move the barrier ahead. As you proceed down the tunnel, he’ll take on on soldier on his own and execute him. As you go forward, you’ll hit a fork in the tunnel and a second hidden enemy. Blast him. INTEL: Your last Intel package can be found down the left fork of the tunnel. Follow it to about the middle point and look on the right side on the ground. Continue through the tunnel. You’ll face a VC soldier who appears just ahead of you, then one in the distance at the fork. Take it left and keep moving. One at a time, three more soldiers will appear in front of you. Drop them quickly with the revolver and keep moving until you hit a small wooden door. You’ve entered a Russian bunker at the end of the rat tunnel, but Kravchenko is gone. When you open the door to leave, the tunnel behind you will start to explode. Don’t pause at all or you’ll be overwhelmed and die. Move through the tunnel until the explosions force you to crawl. Follow the prompt to dig your way out and a cutscene will ensue.

[edit] Crash Site

Go to the rally point and board the boat. You’re driving it, but you also have the ability to aim the machine gun and direct Woods and Bowman’s rocket fire. INTEL: Before you board the boat, check the green crates on the left, just as you approach it. You’ll find the first tape recorder there. Things are pretty straight-forward, and you’ll only need to worry about mortar teams, but they’ll always be marked with target rally points. Just head forward for now and look out for RPG teams along the left bank and then further up, on the right. ACHIEVEMENT: The “Lord Nelson” Achievement is unlocked here by destroying every single structure and target along the way up the river. Basically, just take your time and hit each building with rockets until it’s gone. Be careful to check further in the background, and not just on the riverbank, for structures. Some are heartier than others — you want to be able to totally eliminate the building, or see through burnt timbers, in order to count it as destroyed. Move up the river and take down the guard tower, then smash up the RPG teams. Continue forward when you’re ready and the game will flag three roving mortars you have to destroy. Get the one on the left first, then head into the lake area ahead on the right to get the other two. Just launch a volley of rockets at the targets, leading them slightly, to ensure their destruction. Speed is key. Keep following the river. Things are pretty straight-forward. You’ll kill more guard towers, and then more mortars, and the two will alternate as you keep going. Scour the riverbanks for your “Lord Nelson” Achievement and you’ll be eliminating all the enemies along with the structures you take out. After your third mortar set, you’ll see a couple of enemy boats flagged ahead of you. Basically, whenever you get a target marker on the river, just unload on it until it’s destroyed. You’ll want to hit these boats hard and fast, because they can do a lot of damage. You’ll hit one last guard tower and mortar team past a second set of boats. After that, a PT boat will appear and start attacking you. This is essentially a boss fight, and the boat is only vulnerable from the back where its engine is seated. Maneuver so that the PT passes you, then pound its back quarter until it’s destroyed. Your only shot it to get it fast. Killing it should unlock your “Lord Nelson” Achievement. After a short cutscene, guide the boat to a landing and hop out. Move up the path ahead, and be careful as you approach your rally point. INTEL: Just after you get off the boat, the path will stretch out before you all the way to a bend. Look at the very beginning of the path, on the ground on the right. The reel-to-reel is just hanging out in the middle of everything, clearly in the open. Get down when you get here and use the wall of the trench for cover against three charging VC troops that appear under the launched flare. Following the first wave of troops, more soldiers will fill in under cover ahead of you. Kill them and move up from rock to rock. You’ll see more soldiers in the forest up ahead on the bank of the creek, plus a few more guys behind rocks nearby. Moving to different cover positions is key. Keep your head down, kill everything in front of you, then sprint up. As you hit the bank with the guys in the tree line, an air support helicopter will unload on the position and thin out the enemy. Finish off any stragglers and keep moving up. Around the next bend, you’ll see a tree right in front of you with a section cut out of the palms at the top. Look for the reflective glare off a lens to mark the position of a sniper. Drop him as fast as you can. Finish off the ground troops, including another charging attacker, and follow the river as it cuts left. After the Hinds appear, the river will bend again and you’ll have to deal with another tree sniper. Push past him to the top of the ridge and take cover. Spetsnaz troops are fanning out in the rocks below you, but you have a good position to fire on all of them. Let Reznov, Woods and Bowman draw the enemies’ fire while you pick them off. Once you’ve got all of those guys, drop down and head up the hill to the left. You’ll kill one more tree sniper — after that, take cover and pick off the last few Spetsnaz between you and the plane. You need to climb up the wing to get to the fuselage. Do so carefully, or the whole structure will buck and send you sliding toward the edge. INTEL: As soon as you drop off the wing, you’ll find the last recorder in the mission on the left of the higher ground where you land. DO NOT descend down into the plane, or you’ll miss it. Just drop off the wing and look on the ground to your left immediately after landing. When you move down to the cockpit area, you’ll see enemy troops below. Grab a China Lake (or the sniper rifle, if you prefer) and start firing grenades down into the soldiers below. A couple of boats will show up before long, and you can take them out too. Basically, your goal is to avoid getting killed. When the Hinds show up, you know the mission is over. Enjoy the cutscene. ACHIEVEMENT: You’ll receive the “Never Get Off the Boat” at the conclusion of the mission.

[edit] WMD

Follow the prompts to take off in the plane, then zoom in on the ground team when you get them on your screen. You’re basically just watching the ground team to get them in position without their being discovered. Wait for the trucks to go by, then move the cursor to the rally point on the right and hit the prompted button to send the team there. As soon as the squad hits the rally point, you’ll get a new one marked “Safe House.” Mark it to send the squad there and the game will shift so that you’re controlling Hudson. Wait for the enemy squad to enter the house, then stand up and blast them. When you engage the enemies, a flashbang will go off, temporarily blinding you. Your vision comes back as enemy soldiers are infiltrating the room through the windows to the right and at the back of the Safe House. Pick your targets quickly and take them out as they’re climbing through the windows. Look for two men standing to the north of the building. Tag them with your cursor so the squad takes them out, then move them to the next rally point. As you move the squad to the next point, enemy troops will flood through the area. Hit the prompted button to have your team drop out of sight. When the enemy is clear, proceed to the barracks, where you’ll take control of Hudson again. Enter the building and start painting targets. You’re catching the Russians by surprise, so they’ll all be in the open in the first room — look down by the doorway to the room beyond and on the left by the bunks. Your team will do a lot of the work for you. Advance to the wall just outside the next room and look for a few more targets behind crates. There should be a shotgunner to your right and maybe one or two stragglers on the left. INTEL: Backtrack to where you came in. You entered on a higher area than where you are now, with stairs leading down from the door to the main barracks. Beside the railing that encircles that higher platform is a desk, and on that desk is your tape recorder. When you turn back toward the door from the open part of the room, you’ll see the desk directly to the right of the stairs. Plant the charge where you’re prompted, then blow it to take out the base’s internal communications lines. Head to the back of the barracks to switch back to Big Eye, where you can send the troops up to a rally point to the north. That’s the end of your control over the plane. You’ll get control of Hudson back on the ground. Wait for the enemies to pass, then stand up and move toward the guard station. When you see the door open, go prone again and wait for the last guard to leave. Move past the guard station to the railing beneath the electrical tower ahead. Hook up your rappelling gear so you can start your descent. You’ll need to alternate using the triggers between lowering yourself or breaking — fail to break after starting your descent and you’ll fall to your death. Hook up again and repel down one more level. Hudson and Weaver will swing down and kick in the glass window of the substation. There’s an enemy at a station right in front of the window, plus two more at the back of the room. Your visibility will be reduced, so just start firing to take them out. Leave the substation and descend the stairs. As you start to cross the field toward the comstat station, Weaver will identify two guards chopping wood to the left. Take one out and he’ll drop the other. Stick with your squad as they approach the comstat station. Switch to your crossbow. You’ll need to silently take down nine targets without alerting any of the others, so order is important. Listen to your squad identifying where each enemy is, then use your scope to try to find them yourself. ACHIEVEMENT: Avoiding detection here is worth the “Mr. Black Op” Achievement to you. If you alert any of these guards, they’ll set off an alarm and void the achievement. Get in without anyone alerted (by following the steps below) and the achievement is yours. First up is a patrolling guard near the garage on the left. As you approach, he’ll probably be closest to you, near Weaver’s position. The backs of the two working in the garage are to him, so drop the patrolling guard. Now you’ll want to get the soldier doing overlook above the whole compound. Look on the right side roof, near the railing, a ways to the right of the satellite dish. Pop him and no one will notice. Next, look for another patrolling guard on the right side. Get him when he comes down toward your position, away from the two shoveling snow behind the garage on the left (also note there’s a lone guy inside a garage on the right side, who is harder to see because he’s obscured by trees). Now you can start taking out the pairs. Drop the two in the garage (Weaver will get whoever you don’t shoot), then get the two shoveling behind that garage. Finally, take out the man working away to the right in his own bay. You’re not done yet. Directly around the ridge in front of you on the right are two soldiers working on a truck. They’re very close. Drop down off the high ground and move up carefully until you spot them. Kill one and your squad tags the other. You’re free to move up when the rest of your squad does. Stick with Weaver as he heads toward the station. As you get around the right side of the station, you’ll find a catwalk. Be careful here, as this is where the last enemy is waiting. He’s down the stairs and comes out of the door as you approach. Move up fast and drop him before he can see you and your achievement will unlock. Follow Weaver through to the control room of the station. You’ll be prompted to kick the door in. When you do, the rest of Kilo will blast in through the window on the right, so ignore that section entirely. Instead, focus on the lower floor, where there are a few guards. Kill the first few guys you see, then focus on the doorway at the back of the control room. This is where four or five more guys will enter from, and if you can knock them all down before they get into the room and set up, you’ll have a very easy time. Follow Weaver along the catwalk to the far side. Take cover right as you near his position, facing the doorway just ahead, and repeat the process of blasting guys as they enter your room and try to take cover. INTEL: That room the enemies just came out of, directly ahead of you, is a locker room. Enter it and turn left. Look for the tape recorder on a bench along the left wall. Descend the stairs to the lower floor of the control room. The room will fill with enemies, coming from the far door and also from the top floor catwalk you just left. Take cover and start knocking them down. You shouldn’t have too much trouble if you keep your head down and try to hit the guys who are in the open, before they get behind cover. When the way is clear, go to the rally point and follow the prompt to shut down the dish. Follow Weaver out of the comstat station to approach the base proper. The Base

As you leave the comstat station, an RPG gunner will blow the catwalk you’re on, triggering an avalanche. You have to move fast to avoid dying — quickly sprint and jump the gap in the catwalk, then sprint after Weaver and the rest of Kilo. Just keep moving, and when you hit the edge of the cliff, jump off. Pull your chute when prompted, then get ready for fighting. Move up and take cover as you start to blast the soldiers who are burning intel. There are a lot of them, and they’re scattered all over the place. The best way to do this is to pick a set of targets, like everybody on the right side of your cover, and just start knocking them out from safety. Watch out for Russian troops who will run up on you, but basically, as long as you stay down, your team will do a lot of the work for you. Follow Weaver as he moves up and get to new cover to mop up the rest of these soldiers. When the ground troops are dead, you’ll hear a teammate call out the presence of an MG in the tower ahead. Sprint to the right side of the battlefield, where the buildings can protect you, then sprint around the corner to get inside the building. Grab cover immediately. This whole room is filled with Russian soldiers behind cover, both in front of you and away to the right. Start picking them off and move up when your team does. Move through the building when you finish off the last of the troops and enter the big warehouse beyond. Get into the control room and you’ll be contacted by Steiner, who has already left the facility. After a few seconds, the facility will be triggered to explode and you’ll only have three minutes to escape. Get out of the control room and find cover from the Spetsnaz troops that are moving in to take you out. You’ll need to fight through them to move up. Pick off targets and grab new cover as the rest of your team moves up through the warehouse. Eventually, you’ll push the Russians out of the room altogether. INTEL: See those two big platforms with explosive blue barrels wired up on them? Go to the one on the right and check the right side. The recorder is lying next to the other objects. Fight forward and head toward the truck marked on the rally point. Jump on the MG and start shooting at the oncoming Russian troops heading your way from the road. You’ll see trucks arriving — blast those first, as they’ll explode and take out most of the enemies. Keep an eye out for RPG teams on the rooftop of the left building as well. Hit them and then just mop up the rest of the enemies to end the mission as Weaver drives you to safety. ACHIEVEMENT: The “Pathfinder” Achievement unlocks when you clear the mission.

[edit] Payback

Once you get a hold of the revolver for the game of Russian Roulette, Woods and Mason will make their move. When you pull the guard’s pistol, quickly drop the two guards standing behind Woods and make good your escape. You’ll have to fight your way out of the POW camp from here. Head into the tunnel. You’ll hit another big cavern momentarily, so grab cover and start clearing it. With the two of you, it shouldn’t be too hard to clear it out. The best thing you can do in this mission is aim high. By that I mean, keep looking into the distance for enemies further down the pipe. If you can identify and neutralize targets before they do the same to you, you’ll have a much easier time advancing through this level. Keep moving forward toward the next big chamber — it has a waterfall in it to the left. This one is teeming with enemies, including a few that are up a ramp on the right in a higher section. You can take cover by sprinting into the room and getting behind the first set of boxes, or in the alcove on the left side of the tunnel as you approach. Try to deal with the guys who are up high first. They present a larger threat because they can see you better and hit you with fewer obstructions. After them, thin out anybody who comes down the ramp and move up to better cover. You’ll be mopping up the last remaining guys before long. INTEL: Before you leave this chamber, move to the right side. The recorder you seek is on a set of metal shelves against the right wall, about midway up. Sprint forward after clearing the waterfall room and you’ll see the Russian, trying to climb out of the cave. Shoot him to finish him off, then move up with Woods and you’ll automatically boost him up. As you exit the cave, you’ll come on a Hind and a surrounding camp. None of the soldiers are alerted to your presence, so move up to some decent cover and start shooting them before they’re set. Take out your targets fast and move up on the left to flank out any remaining soldiers. INTEL: Don’t get on the Hind yet. Instead, move to the right side of the camp and toward the tent. In front of it and to the right is a table with a radio on it, and your Intel package. Okay, it’s Hind time. Hop in and you’ll start flying after the cinematic. Up ahead you’ll hit a bridge, your first target. Drop the whole thing with a rocket. ACHIEVEMENT: This can be tough, especially on harder difficulties, but you can snag the “With Extreme Prejudice” Achievement if you get all the way through the Hind sequence without firing the machine gun. That means rockets only, so keep an eye on your ammo count. Fly forward and take out any targets you see below you, including enemy boats. Next, you’ll approach a VC base camp, with boats out front. Destroy all the boats, then use rockets on the base and any vehicles you see roving around. Watch for RPGs coming your way — try to keep moving. Watch the skies for an attacking Soviet Hind. Fighting this thing can be a pain, specifically because it can move up and down to dodge your rockets, while you don’t really have the same luxury. Try to strafe it to avoid its rocket fire, get in close to peg it with your rockets, then pull back and repeat. Follow the river toward the next rally point. You’re approaching an anti-aircraft missile turret, so be careful not to take one in the face. You’ll need to close the distance quickly and peg it with a rocket to survive the assault. Strafe sideways to avoid the SAM fire until you can close the gap. When you’re at about 300-400 meters, just unload on the whole cave (Woods will shout, “Clear ‘em out!”) and the site will be destroyed. Move up. You’ll see a bridge and then an oil pipeline — destroy both, and head forward to the VC base beyond. You can ravage the whole place as you see fit, but move up slowly and hit the guard towers first, which are scattered all over the place. Watch for MG emplacements and take those down with rockets, then move a little forward, toward the bridge beyond. Don’t get too close, as it has two big AA emplacements on it. Stay back and hit the two ends of the bridge, where the AA guns are mounted, with rockets to take them out and clear the way. Carefully go up around the next corner. This time, not one, but two Hinds are waiting for you, and the first is set up in ambush right around the next corner. This can be a tough fight if you’re not using the machine gun. Your best bet is to try to keep moving to dodge the volleys of rockets the Hinds will send your way. Try to take them out separately if possible. You don’t to draw them too far back, however — instead, try to use the section of the river where they’re waiting for you, as the big rock in the center makes for decent cover and a means to split the Hinds apart. Pound the Hinds with rockets when you get in close, then fly back and keep clear of them. The rock will help you avoid their rockets and machine guns. Focus your fire on a single Hind to destroy it, then focus on the other. Basically, you’ll have to play keep-away, and this might take you a few tries. After both Hinds are down, fly toward the rally point to set the chopper down and claim your achievement. Back outside, follow Woods as he runs toward the camp. He’ll go in full-tilt, but you’ll need to find cover.

You’ll pound through a few straggling guards, and then hit a spot where the VC are more dug-in. They have a truck in the back and a few guys on the right who have LMGs, so get to the rock on the right side as you approach, near Woods, and hide there. Look for explosive barrels to even the odds some. There’s one on the left, near a palm tree, and one on the right back by the truck. Blow both, then mop up the guys at the truck. Watch out also for an RPG gunner inside the cave. Clear the front of the cave and do the cover-hopping technique to move up from safe spot to safe spot. You’ll have to fight VC troops all the way inside, so don’t get cocky. You should be able to let Woods draw fire while you drop targets as you move forward. Pound through the last of the VC and you’ll make your way into the cave. As the last few die, check the ground in the entrance way for an AK47 with a flamethrower attachment. You’ll want that for later. ACHIEVEMENT: Kill 10 soldiers with the flamethrower in the next section of the mission to unlock the “Russian B-B-Q” Achievement. You have to get pretty close to kill people with it, though. Follow Reznov and the rest of the soldiers ahead. The next big room is filled with enemies, so move up to the edge of the rocks and take cover. Just start knocking down enemies with your AK. If you’re trying to get the flamethrower achievement, you’ll have to get all 10 of your kills in here, which can be tough. You’ll just need to clear this room out, so keep your head down and take it one section at a time. There are enemies all the way back on the left and the right, as well as a few more in the middle toward the back, and on the catwalk above. Hack through to the back of the left side and use it to push toward the center of the map. This is the easiest way, as once you’ve killed the two soldiers in the back left corner, you can use the tunnel back there to heal up before pushing back to the center again. INTEL: You’ll also find your last intel package on the left side of the map. If you come down from the tunnel in the back left corner and walk toward the center of the back section where you find Kravchenko, hug the left wall and look for the Intel on some crates. It’s in the back left corner from where you enter this last chamber. Sweep toward the middle of the chamber and get to the stairs in the back. The other soldiers will help you push through, but if you don’t get the guys on the catwalk, you can still get up to the end of the match. Climb the steps at the back of the room and you’ll have one more soldier to kill before you get to the door that holds Kravchenko, and the end of the mission.

[edit] Rebirth

Exit the shipping container and get behind the first enemy to stealth kill him. Reznov will tell you to stick to the shadows — that basically means, stay right behind him, or a helicopter will spot you. INTEL: First, however, go to the left side of the walkway right after killing the guard and grab the tape recorder off the ground. It’s directly across from where you killed him. Stick with Reznov when he stops to let the helicopter pass. He’ll lead you through the early part of the mission, so stay with him. When he says to move again, follow him to the right to the back of a shipping container. Next you’ll move up behind an enemy soldier who’s talking on a radio. Watch for Reznov — when he signals you with his hand, go around the corner and kill the guard with the ax. You need to hit the timing, right after you’re signaled, or you’ll get caught and killed. Now you have a gun. Follow Reznov again and you’ll duck under an overhang to the right of the corner to hide from the chopper. Once it’s gone, stick with Reznov until you hit a ladder, then climb up. At the top of the ladder, an enemy will stick his head over and find you. Follow the prompt to grab him and throw him over the side of the structure. Then keep climbing up to the roof, and head to the rally point to enter the building through the elevator shaft. You’ll land on the elevator and open the hatch. Inside are guards and scientists: when you’re ready, blast them all with the shotgun and drop down. Hurry to cover and start blasting soldiers. The path leads up ahead and to the left, but you can cut through the side rooms to make your way forward and use different cover. A lot of the rooms are filled with enemies, so proceed with caution. Cut down the first set of soldiers with your shotgun as you advance to the corner. Get behind boxes and keep your head down. Do your best to drop guys quickly — the shotgun makes pretty short work of a lot of them. If you have to deal with more distant enemies, switch to the AK47u. At the corner, once you’ve cleared the first hallway, you can use the lab to the left to advance forward. Stand up and shoot through the glass to knock out a bunch of unprepared soldiers. When they’re all dead, you can go through the room or back into the hallway and engage more targets further down. You can do the same thing with the room on the right, which is full of pig cages. It’s at least handy to know where the pigs are in relationship to where you’re headed, because were about to attempt an achievement. Keep pushing down the hall after the pig room toward the rally point. ACHIEVEMENT: When you hit the corner, you’ll hear Hudson in your headset. That’s how you know you’re in the right place to get the “I Hate Monkeys” Achievement. Turn right at the corner, kill the guard, and ignore the door. Instead, look at the corner to the right, which is stacked with monkey cages. Throw a grenade or two into the corners and wait for them to blow — and as they do, blast a few more monkeys with your shotgun. You’re trying to get 10 killed in seven seconds to unlock the achievement. INTEL: As soon as you enter the next room, bypass everything and sprint into the center chamber in the room. You’ll need to bypass some computer consoles to get there, but if you shoot anyone, the door will seal. Get inside and grab the tape recorder off the cages. You’ll probably get gassed, you’ll respawn right outside of the room, but with the Intel package in your collection. Now we can clear the gas chamber room. Grab cover as you enter, and be careful of soldiers up on the second floor, who can be pretty dangerous. You shouldn’t have to kill too many guys as you advance into the back right corner of the room to find the door forward. The glut of enemies here is on the right, but Reznov will get through a lot of them. Finish off whoever’s left as you move up. A few more guys will come through the door as you advance, so be ready and stay down. Just ahead, you’ll open the door to find Steiner. You’ll get a cutscene, and then you’ll switch to controlling Hudson. Assault on the Island

As you round the first corner while manning the tank’s machine gun, you’ll see Russian troops running across the street. Ignore them for now and turn your attention to the roof ahead, where RPG teams are setting up. Deal with them first. After you’ve cleared out the RPGs, you can turn your attention to the soldiers on the ground. Your machine gun has some overwhelming firepower on their lame cover positions, so it should be easy. The tank moves forward and engage more enemies. Blow up vehicles when you can to knock a few more guys down. Try to fire in short bursts so as to keep your machine gun from overheating, as this can get you killed even at lower difficulties. You’ll roll up to a few sets of enemies flanking a landing pad, where a helicopter is crashing behind it. Blast the guys on the right, but don’t worry too much, as the crashing chopper will take out most or all of them. The corner has you going right. You’ll see more enemies on the street along the right side, as well as a few on the balcony. Get them first, then sweep up the guys on the ground and the ones near the car on the left. The big push by the Russians is just ahead. As you turn the corner, you’ll see soldiers everywhere. Get the one on the staircase on the left quickly, as his position makes him more dangerous for some reason. Hit the vehicles as well, and try to put three rounds into each man with burst fire so you don’t overheat. Just keep annihilating soldiers until you get to the bridge. Targeting enemies fast is key to survival. On the bridge, a helicopter will engage you and send Hudson flying. When he gets back up, the Russians will deploy Nova 6 to the area, making visibility almost impossible. Quickly find cover — a good spot is to head right and go up a set of stairs to a high point. If you take too many hits while in your Hazmat suit, it’ll rupture and the Nova 6 will kill you, so keeping under cover is more important here than in other areas. From your sniper perch, you should be able to use your rifle’s infrared scope to see the enemies and pick them off. Look for muzzle flares to narrow down your choices. ACHIEVEMENT: Fight through the Nova 6 section of this level without being killed by the gas, and the “No Leaks” Achievement is yours. Let your men designate for you when you should move up. Keep plugging away from your sniper perch until they start up, then follow them quickly. Stay close to the buildings to avoid taking fire from a helicopter that’s strafing the street. Take cover at the window with the rest of your team and try to take out a few of the incoming Russians ahead. Move up to new cover when you can, but be careful, and try to pick targets quickly. Use the infrared scope to help you see through the gas. There aren’t too many soldiers to kill. Advance forward and the building before you will explode in flames — that’s your destination. INTEL: As you approach the burning building, make a 90-degree right turn and go into the house there with the open door. You’ll enter facing a dining room table. Turn right again and go to the green shelf on the wall ahead of you, and grab your tape recorder. Head through the burning building and to the top floor. Grab cover at one of the windows. There are a bunch of Russians below you, as well as a few in windows across from you in the building marked with the rally point. Get the guys in the windows first. Pick off whatever enemies you can in the courtyard below, then advance toward the other building when the way is clear. You can jump to the adjacent rooftop, but if you fall, there’s also a staircase. Get inside and mop up the last of the soldiers — be careful they don’t drop you as you enter — and head to the next rally point. Move out of the building carefully after descending the stairs. There’s fighting going on around the corner to your left, and two helicopters are strafing the area. When it pops up on your HUD, run to the marked spot to find a Strela-3 rocket launcher that will lock on to the helicopters. Use the overhangs of the buildings for cover as you take your shots. Aim down the sights at the chopper and wait for the tone to indicate you have a lock. Fire and the chopper will be destroyed. Repeat the process with the second one and try not to get shot in the meantime. You’re in the clear all the way to the rally point. When you regroup with your team, you’ll be moving down a hill and toward the sound of gunfire. A second later, Hudson will crack off his mask and your achievement should unlock. Use the high ground you’ve got to snipe the two RPG teams on the roof of the far building. Your infrared scope should make spotting them easy. Move down when you can to get better cover and keep taking out enemies. Keep pressing forward. If you move to the left, you’ll find a door where enemies keep streaming out that you can kill before they set up. Make sure your cover gives you protection from the enemies to the right. You’re nearing the lab, and it’s a big building. Keep checking the rooftop and surrounding windows of the area, because enemies like to use them to get a bead on you. Keep clearing them back and pushing forward to different cover positions. As you pound your way to the lab doorway, you’ll be able to get in close and take cover at the windows, looking it. Use this spot to nail enemy troops before they’re in position — they start up at the top of the stairs on the right and descend toward, you, then come from the back and left. You’ll also see some on the second floor behind the communist banner. Enter the lab and make for the rally point. Go carefully, as there are still a few more soldiers inside this area. Take cover when you can to check the way ahead. The first hallway will have a soldier or two, plus one more in the room to the left and one shooting from the dark hallway beyond. Up ahead, you’ll enter decontamination, and then exit into a stairwell. Kill the soldiers ahead of you, then look over the railing to get a shot on two or three on the landings below. Descend when you’re ready. You should be able to move freely until you hit the labs, where you’ll recognize Mason’s handiwork from earlier. Kill the one guard you see running away from you before he gets to cover, and keep going forward until you see a group of soldiers in Hazmat suits go past your hallway. Sneak up behind these guys as you enter the room with the gas chamber. They’ll be pretty well all over you, so despite having the back of the man in front of you fully exposed, stay back and just shoot him and his comrades. Right after you do, turn right and get the soldier straggling off to the side of the others. With a little more work, you’ll clear the last of the guys in the gas chamber. Keep your head down and use the doorway for cover to get them all without too much trouble. When Weaver moves to the door beyond, head that way and hit the prompt button to catch up with Mason in a cutscene, and end the mission.

[edit] Revelations

You just need to walk to the various rally points in this mission, and at a few places, stop for Intel. Proceed until you hit the first set of double doors. INTEL: When you push through the doors, hallways will branch to your left and right. Take the left hallway and pull the Intel package off the top of the vending machine on the right wall. Continue forward. You’ll enter a lab room with numbers on the door, and then get flashback of Mason on a table at Vorkuta. INTEL: After you get control back, go through the door to the hallway beyond, which goes to the left and right. Turn right and walk to the end. The tape recorder is in a small garbage bin on the left side of the hall. Keep going. The hallway ahead of you as you go forward will rip away and become the launch pad for a Soviet rocket. Turn left and go into the offices when you get to the end. INTEL: The last Intel package is on a desk to the left as you enter this office. Look for a smoking ash tray next to a typewriter. Walk through the office and another hallway or two to hit a cinematic that ends the mission. ACHIEVEMENT: You’ll get your “Clarity” Achievement now that you’re done here.

[edit] Redemption

Start with evasive maneuvers to avoid the anti-aircraft fire coming off the Rusalka. Open fire on the various spots marked “Target” to start destroying them. You also can fire rockets at them with decent results. Strafe around the outside of the ship to avoid fire and continue taking down gun emplacements. Keep knocking them down until they’re all gone, and Yankee team can land on the deck. Your job after the other chopper lands is to protect the marines until they can get inside. Get in close and just thrash anything marked “Target” that’s up ahead of them. It’s pretty straight-forward, and if you’re quick on the gun, you’ll neutralize any RPG threats to your helicopter. Right after Yankee team gets below decks, an enemy Hind will appear to take you on. It’s important to note that you’re going to get thrashed by this thing — that’s what’s supposed to happen — but you still have to destroy it to advance. Keep hitting the Hind with everything that you’ve got and try to circle against the direction of its motion to avoid taking too much of a pounding from its rockets. When the you’ve downed the chopper, make for the helipad, where Hudson and Mason will jump as their helicopter goes down. Move up and take cover as you start up along the side of the ship. The last helicopter you brought will give you assistance, but not for long. Get down beside the pipes next to the stairs and start dropping enemies. When you can, move up. Clear the way to the blasted shipping container up ahead, and use that as a decent base of operations for the remainder of the fight. Make sure to keep your head down. INTEL: Also in the shipping container is your first Intel pack. Check the left side as you walk through it, past the crates. When all the soldiers are dead, two helicopters will appear and attack you. Run out and get the marked Valkyrie missile launcher, then retreat to the shipping container to wait for your moment to take them down. ACHIEVEMENT: If you can knock the helicopters down with one missile, the “Double Whammy” Achievement will be yours. The Valkyrie fires guided missiles, which you control through their camera system, and you can detonate them any time with the trigger button. The trick is to wait for the two choppers to be close together, then fire a missile between them and blow it. The best place they do this is when they both fly out over the water together, sort of in the direction of the helipad you just left. When the two choppers head this way, send a missile in between their rotors and blow it to get both. Time to head forward again. Repeat the process of hiding behind cover and clearing out enemies as you go. Let your squad draw fire and designate when you’re free to move up. The next section has a catwalk above on your left, and more guys showing up on your level. Kill the guys on top quickly and use cover and grenades to deal with the rest. You shouldn’t have too much trouble getting inside the ship. Descend the stairs with Hudson to the bottom. You’ll hit a locker room there — as soon as you enter it, turn left and take out the soldier lining up a shot on you. Cut down to the end of the room and kill the second guard there. Keep moving down the stairs. You’ll end up in a larger room with two soldiers running to get behind a table. Take them out and watch your right for another soldier, which Hudson will handle if you don’t. INTEL: Don’t leave this room. Instead, check the table that was directly in front of the door you entered by. The Intel is stashed under it’s back side, on the right if you’re facing the back of the table. It can be easy to miss, but if you get close to it, you’ll be prompted to pick it up. The next big room is full of enemies. As soon as you go through the door, turn left and shoot the soldier behind cover a few feet away. then push up to the high catwalk and kill the two guys in the control room just ahead. You can push through up here and kill the last soldier, who is around the corner to the right past the little room. Then you’ll have a decent view of everything and a couple of pallets you can use for cover. Watch for enemies to stream in through the door in the back left corner of the room. There are a lot there, but you can drop them all easily. Mop up the last of these the enemies in this room and descend to the rally point, where you’ll find Weaver and have a conversation with Hudson. Time for the endgame.

[edit] The Numbers Station

Swim for the rally point to enter the Numbers Station. You’ll come up in a diving pool, and once you’re out and ready, Hudson will open the door to a ton of soldiers for you to battle. Quickly run up and get cover, then start hammering away at the soldiers. You’ll have a few up on the catwalks on either side of the room, as well as more on the ground level. Clear the first room and the big gates open to reveal a second. This one isn’t as tough to get through. Look for the enemies on the catwalks again, since they’re the most problematic, as you grab better cover to take on the Russians coming in through the doorway in the back. Head to the rally point after you’re done in this room. It’ll lead you to stairs, and when you get there, you’ll need to quickly look up to the left and kill a soldier descending them toward you. At the top of the steps, a couple more guys will be waiting. Kill them fast, before they can take cover. When you step out into the next hallway, get cover fast and drop the last soldier up ahead. Make for the next room and set up in the doorway. Be careful about poking your head out, as these guys are gunning for you pretty heavily. They’re behind cover, so wait for your chance to drop them. As you step into the room, it’ll explode from an air strike above. Swim to the rally point when you get control back and follow Hudson as he climbs out of the water. Go to the doorway, which leads to a hall. Keep your gun up — when you hit the first corner, two fleeing soldiers will run right into you. Past those two guys, you’ll find two more soldiers further down the hall when you get closer to the rally point on this floor. Drop them both quickly and make your way up the ladder. There’s another hallway on top of the ladder. Follow it and be careful of a couple more straggling soldiers coming your way. Past that, you’ll enter a flooded room with a bunch of enemies behind cover. Stay back and keep your head down, and watch for soldiers running up to the doorway to attack you. You’ll want to be really careful in this room. The explosions make it easy to loose track of enemy soldiers, and they really are all over the place. Check the upper floor to knock out a few that will give you hard times, then move up to better cover and try to get the ones in the center of the room. Carefully move around the outside edge of the room to the left. Watch for enemies as you go from spot to spot to protect yourself. As long as nobody gets the drop on you, you should be okay all the way around to the rally point door. Through the door, you’ll hit a set of stairs that leads up to another control room. Stop at the doorway and toss a grenade in there, toward the back. There are two soldiers waiting for you and a third in riot gear that can take out you out single-handled. INTEL: When you enter the room, get down. The window to the right of you will blow out as lots of enemy soldiers take shots at you. Get down below the window and check beneath the console right below it for the last Intel package in the game. Snagging it should unlock your “Closer Analysis” Achievement. Now use the console for cover and start killing the Russians in the next room. There are only about five, so keep an eye out for their positions across from you and to the left. When the coast is clear, enter the room. You’ll see one last soldier at the console around the corner. Kill him and get to the rally point. Follow the prompts after that, then follow Hudson out of the station. You’re at the end — congrats. ACHIEVEMENT: For completing the campaign, the “Stand Down” Achievement unlocks, as does the “Black Op Master” Achievement if you finished on Hardened or Veteran, and “Burn Notice” on Veteran as well.

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