Call of Duty: Roads to Victory

Call of Duty: Roads to Victory
Call of Duty: Roads to Victory Cover
Developer Amaze Entertainment
Publisher Activision
Platform PSP
Release Date(s) NA March 14, 2007

EU March 30, 2007

Genre First-Person Shooter
Rating 16+

[edit] Background

Call of Duty:Roads to victory was only released on the PSP.It was released in March 14 2007.The game is based on WWII

[edit] Campaign

Campaign mode allows you to play from three soilders prospective.Several mission are based about WWII.The total amount of missions available on the game is 14 levels.

[edit] Multiplayer

On multiplayer up to six people are aloud to play at a time wirelessly via ad hoc in a total of nine different maps.The game types are Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Hold the Flag and King of the Hill.

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