Crash is a quick playing map, as you rush forward in all game modes especially Search and Destroy. Crash is mainly built up of abandoned shops and buildings, which makes it a good map for snipers. In the 'center' of the map is a downed sea knight which is rarely used for cover and is basically the 'no mans land' of the map. On this map you can use any type of gun effectively and get a good hard game going.

[edit] Tips

Towards the bottom left of the map there is a building. If you go to the side of it you can climb a ladder up to the roof, or you can go up the stairs. On the roof it is a brilliant place to sniper but beware of people coming up the stairs or ladder so lay down some c4 or claymores. If you are on Headquarters, do not go for the headquarters when it comes to the top of the stairs, lay down and pick up some kills on helpless people climbing up the stairs.

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