Death From Above

[edit] Description


This is one of the single player campaign missions found in Call Of Duty 4. It is the 8th mission in the single person game play and is after the mission Hunted and before the mission War Pig.

Western Russia

Thermal Imaging Tv Operator

There are 3 Weapons aboard the Helicopter and two choices of camera.

[edit] Death From Above

In this mission you are in a Helicopter and you help to help the unit on the ground to take out enemies. The first thing you have to do in this mission is provide AC-130 air support for friendly SAS ground units. Beware of hitting friendlies, as if you do then you have to restart the mission as it is not tolerated. The first thing you will come up against is a car with many people in it what you have to do it try to blow up the car and blow up any runners from the car. There will be many runners, but you get directions as to where they are, as you get told things like 'nail those 2 by the car'. You will go into various places to take out more enemies if you keep your wits about you and watch out for friendlies then you should manage this easily. This mission isn't long and doesn't require you to do much.

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