There are three flags scattered throughout a map, which all start off as neutral. The main objective is to capture all the flags, and hold them for as long as you can. A flag will be captured faster when more than one person is on the flag. There are four ways to score while playing Domination. Killing an enemy gets you 5 points (10 if enemy is capturing flag). Getting an assist gets you 1 point (2 if enemy is capturing flag). Capturing a flag will get you 15 points, and holding a flag gets you 1 points every 5 seconds.

A good strategy for capturing flags is to throw a smoke grenade on the area you need to capture and capture the flag under the cover of the smoke. Unlike some players do, do not go into prone position but rather move around in circles around the area. This makes it harder for snipers to hit you and less likely for you to be hurt by a grenade. If there is some good cover a good thing to do is to lie on the ground as it will make it harder for opposing players to see you therefore giving you more chance of securing the flag.

Maximum Players: 12

Points to Win: 200

Goal: Capture the flags, and hold them as long as possible.

Points Per Kill Inside The Flag Area: 10

Points Per Kill: 5

Points Per Assist: 1

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