This is the fifteenth and final mission of the Call of Duty: World at War Campaign.

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Capture the Reichstag to claim ultimate victory for Mother Russia over the German war machine.

A long hard, battle has achieved you entrence to the Reichstag. It is now the final push, inside a German plagued monastery. Dimitri, Reznov and the rest of the team, have taken the side lines, flanking the enemy Germans. Overlooking the main hall you have many choices of weapons to help your falling team-mates below. After a victory here, you head higher, and higher, till the top of the building. Were Rezonv, hands you the Russian flag, and gives you the honour, and privilege, to fly the flag. You walk with ambition to the edge of the building, were a Nazi jumps up, and takes a body shot at you with his pistol. Rezonv, and trusty friend and leader, instinctively jumps to your rescue with a knife, scewing the enemy Nazi. Rezonv offers his hand, and pulls you up, meanwhile claiming that Dimitri can't die here, he never dies. And so be it, you limb towards the edge of the building, flying your flag, to hear your fellow Russians roaring with victory!

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