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Downpour is one of the only maps which features heavy rain consistency, this makes visibility of the map very difficult and with the added natural factors such as grass and dark lighting sniping on this map is not a good tactic, stealth is also not advised and this map requires good reactions and reflexes.


[edit] Map Layout

[edit] East

The greenhouse is a fairly good place to defend from however it is not advised to stay around this area too long as it is generally difficult to defend against. Ambushing works well, so make sure you stay low to avoid grenades.

[edit] West

The western field has good natural cover, so take advantage of this with silent weapons, however the western corner is generally not the best and is advised to be avoided due to it being awkward. If you do get trapped here, the best tactic is advised to hide behind cover and get people as they run past to take them out from behind.

[edit] Middle

A good tactic for this section is to spread yourself out across it, and the main building is an excellent place to camp should you gain control of it, laying claymores at the entrance to stop intruders. The stone walls also offer good cover however watchout for the holes as these could provide a weakness in your defense.

[edit] General Map Tips

  • Do not remain in the spawning area for too long!
  • Position yourself correctly to take high advantage of the natural camouflage, without moving too much in case you give yourself away.
  • The middle section is generally the best area to remain and fight, so you defend from the east and west.
  • Try to trap teams in one corner where they may be weak, to give you total advantage over the map.

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