Flash Grenade

Flash Grenade

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Flash Grenades - Have a one second fuse that will go off even if the grenade is in midair. This is a disadvantage for throwing the grenade long distances because it is totally ineffective if it explodes in mid air. The flash grenade has a longer range than the stun grenade, 200-800. It will only damage the enemy if it explodes right next to the target, which means the lower the arch of fire the further it will go, but it's not for arching over buildings. When it does explode the flash grenade emits a high piercing noise completely blinds the target for up to of 6 seconds depending on how close the the enemy was to the blast. The effected player still has full movement and weapon functions, they just can’t hear or see anything.

Flash grenades are really good as if you come up against someone using this will block their sight giving you a better chance of killing them.

Flash.jpg < Basically an effective flash grenade.

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