Frag Grenade

Anti-personnel device that destroys the target with a burst of flying shrapnel. The frag grenade is a brilliant weapon to use in Call Of Duty as it can cause great damage over a small area. if when you use this you can throw it accurately enough the enemy would be killed instantly. If you are not so accurate you could still cause the opponent a great deal of damage. If you have a lot of enemies in one room and you know you won't be able to take them out having frag grenades could be really good as if you throw one of them in it could take out a couple meaning there are less for you to take out with your guns and other weapons are they can do more damage and quicker damage than most of the guns on the game. The one bad thing about using grenades is that your enemies can throw the grenades back at you especially if you are playing online against the better players.

Frags are the standard grenade type in most games, except they are A LOT weaker in world at war. You will notice a HUGE difference in grenade gameplay since they don't ALWAYS kill. This means that spamming is not a great idea, make sure to conserve your frag for when you really need it. Also, frags work both ways. They are semi-effective against vehicles, and semi-effective against enemies, so I guess thats how treyarch balanced everything. Still, though, throw a frag just as you would in CoD4; simple geometry!

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