Frank Woods

Sergant Frank Woods is one of the main non-playable characters in Call of Duty: Black Ops. Woods is part of the S.O.G and USMC. On Woods' left arm is a USMC tattoo, which suggests his branch of service (sergant). Woods also won the VGA 2010 Best Character of the year. Woods is voiced by James C. Burns.

Frank Woods
Nickname X-Ray
Affilations OP40, USMC, CIA, Studies and Observation Group
Rank S.O.G: Special Agent. USMC: Sergant
Birth March 20, 1930,

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Weapons Commando, MP5K, M16, M60, AK-47, M1911, ASP, Cleaver

Woods appeared in many missions during the Campaign of Black Ops:

  • Operation 40
  • Executive Order
  • S.O.G
  • The Defector
  • Victor Charlie
  • Crash Site
  • Payback
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