The G11

G11 is a new weapon that appeared only in Call of Duty: Black Ops from the Call of Duty Series. It's a 3-round burst weapon, extremely deadly, probably one of the best. The eye-popping thing is that it has 48 rounds, but the magazines don't drop down (like in most weapons); the reloading mechanism is similar to the one in Bolt Action Sniper from MW2, only though the G11 is reloaded from the front part of the weapon It's the classified assualt rifle weapon, meaning It costs 16000 CoD points (because you have to buy all assault rifles to unlock it and then buy it) It's usually a one burst kill when shooting a nearby target if the target is shot in the torso or head, and 2 burst kill when firing at a faraway target or if you shoot them in the limbs or below the stomach.

[edit] G11 stats:

  • 6/10 damage
  • 8/10 range
  • 9/10 accuracy
  • 9/10 mobility
  • 3 Round Burst

[edit] G11 attachements

  • Low Power Scope (recommended)
Low Power Scope
Aiming through a Low Power Scope
  • Variuable Zoom Scope

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