Game Over

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Game Over is the final level of the Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare single player campaign, excluding bonus level Mile High Club. The player, along with Griggs, Gaz and Captain Price are escaping in a jeep after aborting the missiles. Enemies armed with RPGs in trucks chase the player along a long highway, until a Hind, which the player is instructed to attempt to take down with an RPG, destroys the bridge in front of the player, and the jeep crashes.

After escaping the wreckage of the bridge, the team gets pinned down by ultranationalists. The Royalists are on their way to help, but the player must defend themself first. The the fuel tanker behind them explodes, severely injuring everyone apart from Griggs, who tries to pull the player to cover until he is shot in the neck by the ultranationalists. The player looks forward and sees Imran Zakhaev and two henchmen either side of him shoot Gaz and other soldiers lying on the floor. Just as he is about to point his gun at the player, he gets distracted by a dogfight between helicopters in the sky.

During the chaos, a severely injured (perhaps fatally) Captain Price slides the player a loaded M1911 presenting the player with the chance to avenge the death of Griggs, Gaz and the other millions who died in the nuclear bombs. The player must then shoot Zakhaev before he is killed; the Ultranationalist's enigmatic leader has fallen. The Royalists, led by Nikolai arrive to help the injured to safety.

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 it is revealed that Price survived when the player finds him in a Gulag and returns his pistol.

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