Grim Reaper

Aiming through the sights of the Grim Reaper.

The Grim Reaper is a Special Weapon only obtained by a Care Package, just like the Death Machine. It does not belong to weapons found in Create a Class mode neither in the Killstreak Rewards section. The Grim Reaper carries 12 rockets in total. It's magazine supports 4 rockets. It's an automatic launcher, extremely deadly and simple to use. It can also lock-on aircraft and destroy them with a single shot like the Huey or Hind. If you die after you start using this killstreak, you will not respawn with it. Sleight of Hand and Flak Jacket are highly suggested to use with this weapon as It needs fatser reload and protection against explosives (Flak Jacket can save you if you misfire)

The Grim Reaper Black Ops icon
The Grim Reaper pickup icon.

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