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Heat is the fifteenth mission in the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Campaign.

[edit] Walkthrough

Follow Price and the others up to the wooden fence. Let the initial wave be wiped out by the concealed charges, and then open fire on the survivors and the secondary waves. Reload only when you have a few bullets left, because it takes a long time. The enemy will get smart and throw smoke grenades to cover their advance. Run to the downed helicopter and man the minigun. You have to enter the crew cabin through the door on the other side. It takes some time to get started but the best advice is to keep your finger on the trigger until you see the temperature gauge get orange. Use the minigun to wipe out the helicopters that arrive as well. You'll get new orders to abandon the minigun, so follow your team up the hill. Take up a defensive position by Price until you're ordered into the nearby tavern. Grab the C4 detonators from the windowsills and blow each set in succession. You'll eventually fall back to the farm where you captured Al-Asad. Grab the Javelin and lock onto the pursuing tanks. Destroy all four. After several more radio transmissions, you'll have to go back down the hill. Straight down the middle isn't really an option, so go in the building to the west and keep going west, then turn south. Remember that you have the option of calling in airstrikes so if you keep dying at the same spot, call in an airstrike before you advance down the hill. If you're fast, you should make it to the checkpoint with some time to spare. Take cover behind some rocks and cover your team's approach. Then board the helicopter when directed. Mission complete.

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