Intervention in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
An Intervention in Modern Warfare 2
Type Sniper Rifle
Game(s) Modern Warfare 2
Magazine Size 5; 10 with Extended Mags
Unlocked at Rank 4
Fire Mode Bolt-action
Recoil Variable

The Intervention is the only bolt-action sniper rifle on Modern Warfare 2. It is a guaranteed kill if shot in the head or chest.

The reload time for the Intervention is 2.28 seconds loaded and 4.14 seconds when unloaded. Reloading with an empty clip results in an extra 1.8 second reload delay.

Unlocked at rank 4.

[edit] Attachments

The following attachments can be unlocked after completing the challenges required:

Attachment Challenge
Silencer Get 10 kills with the Intervention
ACOG Scope Get 25 kills with the Intervention
FMJ Get 75 kills with the Intervention
Heartbeat Sensor Get 15 kills with the Silencer attachment
Thermal Get 20 kills with the ACOG attachment
Extended Mags Get 40 penetration kills using FMJ

[edit] Camos

You can also unlock different camos by completing the following challenges:

Camo Challenge
Woodland Get 5 headshots with the Intervention
Digital Get 15 headshots with the Intervention
Urban Get 30 headshots with the Intervention
Blue Tiger Get 75 headshots with the Intervention
Red Tiger Get 150 headshots with the Intervention
Fall Get 250 headshots with the Intervention

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