[edit] Game Information

The M21 is really the only sniper that you can go trigger happy with and stay accurate. This gun has little recoil for a sniper and takes more than one bullet to kill. It has a good fire rate for a sniper and its accuracy is better than it is made out to be. This gun can be used ok with an acog making it similar to the M14, but it is not recommended.

[edit] Primary Attributes

Accuracy: 6/10

Damage: 6.5/10

Range: 10/10

Fire Rate: 5/10

Mobility: 6.5/10

[edit] Attachments

You can unlock an attachment for the M21, which is unlocked at 100 kills. It is:

ACOG Scope: 100 kills

Apart from these attachments, you can also unlock camoflages for the M21. They are unlocked getting a certain amount of headshots.

Digital: Unlocked at 25 headshots

Blue Tiger: Unlocked at 75 headshots

Red Tiger: Unlocked at 150 headshots

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