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  • Bocage: A very large map placed in a maze of fields. It also contains a barn, a crashed airplane, and multiple destroyed vehicles.
  • Brecourt: A large map consisting of two sides; on one, a large field containing ruins and quite a lot of dead cows. On the other side there is a barn and a variety of hills that provide cover. There are trenches scattered throughout that lead to artillery, and underground shelters where the two sides intersect.
  • Carentan: A medium map that is situated in a mock French town. There is a variety of buildings with one or two floors.
  • Chateau: A large map situated at a french chateau. The chateau includes many rooms and large halls, and the exterior contains a garage area, a porch, and a front terrace.
  • Dawnville: A large map situated near a church. This is the map of choice for players using all weapons.
  • Depot: A medium map consisting of two main buildings and an exterior compete with rail carts and pipelines.
  • Harbor: The map of choice for rifles only players. This map is situated in a russian harbor.
  • Hurtgen: The largest map in the game, this is the map of preference for snipers. It is a snow-covered landscape of hills and bunkers.
  • Neuville: A medium map set in a blown-up town. There is a multitude of intertwining buildings, providing for many places for cover.
  • Pavlov: A large barren map containing 3 enormous blocks, with trenches leading from one to the other. This map is another preferred sniping map.
  • POWcamp: A large map set in a POWcamp. There are loads of barracks in the map, with watchtowers all around them.
  • Railyard: A snow-covered map set in a railyard. There is a garage on one side containing a multitude of tanks, and a railyard on the other. In between is a block with 3 floors.
  • Rocket: Similar to Hurtgen, but smaller and it also contains a complex maze of underground tunnels.
  • Ship: A map set on a German ship. There is a gigantic amount of levels ranging from the deck to the crow's nest. This map is also a good sniping map.
  • Stalingrad: A map situated in a maze of blocks. There is also a complex tunnel network leading to each block.
  • Tigertown: A map similar to Neuville. It is situated on a hill, with buildings on various heights of it.
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