Mile High Club

Mile High Club is the final level in the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare campaign. It is unlocked by completing the other missions and watching the credits to the end. It does not feature characters in the main storyline. It has an achievement/trophy attached which is unlocked by beating the level on Veteran difficulty. The mission has a strict time limit. You start by being dropped onto the plane, Your 5-man SAS squad are to proceed threw the aircraft, The plane is armed with a bomb and you'll have only a matter of time to secure the hostage and get out of there. Mile High Club is the last level of Call of Duty 4, it's one of the best. This is most people's last achievement to get, and definitely the hardest.

TIPS: Dont stop. Your only option is to keep walking. Don't stop for reload either, do it in a gap in the firefight. Shoot through chairs. The chairs are easy to penetrate, so just spray through them. Keep low. This decreases the chance of the enemy getting a good shot on you, and it only takes a couple to go down so this really helps. FLASHBBANG FLASHBANG FLASHBANG. Most people underestimate this. It helps so much, its practically impossible without. Also when you go up the stairs look on your left for some extras.

Mile High Club.jpg - Sky dive to safety on Veteran difficulty - 20G

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