Modern Warfare 2 Killstreak Rewards

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This is a list of the killstreak rewards available to players in Modern Warfare 2. Each player can select 3 of these at one time. If a player uses the Hardline perk, then they require one fewer consecutive kill to earn each reward. In Modern Warfare 2, killstreaks are cumulative, meaning that kill earnt with a killstreak count towards the next one. For example, getting a five kill streak and then getting a kill with the predator missile puts the player on a six kill streak. The only exception to this is kills gained through rewards from Care Packages.

Kills Required Reward Image
3 UAV UAV.jpg
4 Care Package Care-package.jpg
4 Counter-UAV Counter-uav.jpg
5 Sentry Gun Sentry-gun.jpg
5 Predator Missile Predator-missile.jpg
6 Precision Airstrike Precision-airstrike.jpg
7 Harrier Strike Harrier-strike.jpg
7 Attack Helicopter Attack-helicopter.jpg
8 Emergency Airdrop Emergency-airdrop.jpg
9 Pave Low Pave low.jpg
9 Stealth Bomber Stealth-bomber.jpg
11 Chopper Gunner Chopper-gunner.jpg
11 AC-130 Ac-130.jpg
15 EMP Emp.jpg
25 Tactical Nuke Tactical-nuke.jpg
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