Modern Warfare 2 Special Ops

Special Operations often better known as Spec Ops are a set of missions that can be done alone or with a partner. The missions come in groups of five (apart from echo), difficulty increases th further down the list you make it. On each mission, stars are earned depending on how quick you complete it or what difficulty you complete it on, with three being the maximum. These stars are needed to unlock the next group of missions. There is a full list of missions below

Alpha (Default set)

The Pit

Sniper Fi

O Cristo Redentor



Bravo (Needs four stars to unlock)


Body Count

Bomb Squad


Big Brother

Charlie (Need 8 stars to unlock)


Breach and Clear

Time Trial

Homeland Security

Snatch and Grab

Delta (Needs 20 Stars to Unlock)



Acceptable Losses


Estate Takedown

Echo (Needs 40 stars to unlock)


High Explosive

Armour Piercing

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