Modern Warfare 2 Story

The story of Modern Warfare 2 begins with an Army Ranger, Joseph Allen, assisting the US army to takeover a city overrun with insurgents. After which, Lieutenant General Shepherd inducts him into the Task Force 141. While this is happening, two other Operatives of the Task Force 141, Captain MacTavish and General Garry "Roach" Sanderson, infiltrate a Russian Airbase in attempt to retrieve a downed ACS module.

Later on, Joseph Allen is sent on an undercover Op under the alias of "Alexia Borodin". He joins up with Makarov, a Russian Terrorist and aids with a massacre in the Zakhaev Airport, Moscow. At the end of this mission, you are killed by Makarov because he realized your true identity as an American. Leaving Joseph Allen lying dead in the airport leads Russian authorities to believe that the attack on the Airport was American.

Because the Russians believed that this Terrorist Attack was American-Supported, they launch a massive retaliation on America. Foley, a U.S. army Sergeant leads his team, including Private James Ramirez (A playable character) in the defense of a suburb. They then continue towards Washing, D.C, where the U.S. forces are fighting desperately against the Russians for the control of the capital city.

While this is going on, the Task Force 141 begin a search for any evidence that would tie Makarov as the real mastermind behind the massacre at Zakhaev Airport. From a bullet they are given a lead into Rio de Janerio, where they investigate into Makarov's arms dealer. The information that they retrieve is that Makarov's worst enemy, referred to as Prisoner 627 is locked up in a Russian Gulag.

The Task Force 141 launch an assault on the gulag in order to free the prisoner 627. They are successful and the Prisoner turns out to be Captain Price, MacTavish's old Captain in Call of Duty 4. Cpt. Price agrees to help TF-141 and Shepherd track down Makarov, however Price believes their first priority was to end the war in America. In order to end the war, he leads the Task Force 141 on a raid against a Russian Port, where they gain the control of a nuclear Submarine. The Sub is used to launch a SLBM towards the U.S. Capital, Washington. The warhead detonates in the upper atmosphere which destroys the International Space Station and creates an EMP that is crippling to all of the vehicles and electronic gear used by both Americans and Russians.

On ground level, Foley and his squad head to the White House, where they receive a transmission telling them that the Air Force is in preparation to carpet bomb the city. The only possible way to stop this from happening is by deploying green flares on the White House's roof and the other important buildings that are currently under Russian control. They manage to do this, preventing the air strike. The green flares alight on the other Washington landmarks where a symbol that they where under American control.

The Task Force manages to narrow down Makarov's whereabouts to two locations. Price, MacTavish, Roach and Ghost split up to investigate both. Price and MacTavish go to Afghanistan, to an aircraft bone yard, while Roach and Ghost go to Makarov's Safe house.

Roach and Ghost obtain intelligence from Makarov's computer at th Safe house and escape. Upon reaching the extraction point, they are betrayed by Shepherd who kills them both and takes the intelligence.

MacTavish and Price get word about Shepherd's betrayal and escape a fight between the men of both Makarov and Shepherd, via. an AC-130 driven by Nikolai, a pilot in Call of Duty 4. Upon learning Shepherd's location, Price and MacTavish come to the decision too exact revenge upon Shepherd, in one last mission.

During the mission, Shepherd attempts an escape via. boat and a lengthy chase follows. He manages to escape his boat into a hovering Helicopter, but Price manages to shoot it down. They both tumble over the waterfall ahead.

MacTavish recovers from the fall and staggers around, searching for Shepherd with his knife. He locates Shepherd leaning against a car and attempts to stab him, however Shepherd reverses the attack and stabs MacTavish in the chest. He prepares his revolver to execute MacTavish, but Price assaults him and the revolver is knocked away. MacTavish makes a weak attempt to reach the revolver, but Shepherd kicks it away, then kicks MacTavish in the head. This is followed by a fist fight between Price and Shepherd, at first it looks as if Price has the upper hand, but Soap's vision becomes blurry and when he regains sight Shepherd has the upper hand.

In a bleak attempt to save Price, Soap wrenches the knife from his chest, he is successful and throws the knife at Shepherd, killing him instantly. Nikolai arrives in a Helicopter and warns them that they will be pursued soon, however Price realizes MacTavish's injuries and states he needs medical help. Nikolai replies that he knows a safe place they can go.

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