Nazi Zombie Walkthrough


[edit] Nacht der Untoten

Nacht der Untoten is the first map of the Nazi Zombies campaign. It is also the smallest and simplest, there are only three rooms in this map. The Zombies in this map are a lot easier to deal with than the ones in the others, as they cannot claw you through windows and do not run as fast. This is the only map that does not include perks, traps, and electricity. Because it is a last minute developer addition, this map simply acts as an introduction to the Nazi Zombies game mode and does not advance the zombie story arc.

[edit] Walkthrough

So, you start off with your pistol and 500 points. I recommend knifeing only in the first round as this will help you gain more points for use in other rounds. Once you have stopped knifeing, grab the KAR98k and hold off for another couple of rounds. If you have enough points, throw a grenade at the last zombie of the round turning him into a crawler. Re-build all of the windows and proceed through the door that has "Hell" scribbled on it. Buy as many weapons from the random box as you can, losing the weaker ones. The random box costs 950 points each time it is used. Continue to hold off for another couple of rounds and open up the debris covering the stairs in the Hell room. Go through the opening on your right and crouch where the grenades are. You will only have Zombies coming from your right side, not to often, and infront of you. Having a weapon like the Ray Gun, Browning or Flamethrower will help a lot using this method. Remember to buy grenades off of the wall behind you and use them to your advantage.

[edit] Verrückt

Verrückt is the second map in the Nazi Zombies campaign. The zombies in this map are much more dangerous to the ones in Nacht der Untoten because they can attack you through windows, deal more damage and run faster. This is also the first map to include traps, perks, and bouncing betties, as well as the first map to require the electricity to be turned on. Also, this is the first map where the mystery box can be destroyed by the teddy bear and reappear somewhere else. There are ten rooms in this map, which require points to open.

[edit] Walkthrough

Once the game has started, buy the KAR98k off of the wall as it takes one bullet to kill a Zombie in the first round with this weapon. Remember, when you see Zombies rising from the dirt, frag grenade where they are spawning. You can continue doing this right the way through until round four or five. In round four/five, purchase the Gewehr 43 off of the wall. This is a semi-automatic weapon so you don't have to worry about 'cocking' it once shot. Try to aim for the head also. At the end of the round, clear the debris and move up stairs. Purchase the MP40 from the wall and continue to kill off Zombies. Buy all of the doors leading to the power room, and once you have turned on the power, grab a Juggernog from downstairs. You can also purchase a weapon from the random box. Do not open anymore doors as this will lead to Zombies attacking you from behind, and nobody likes that, right? You can crouch at the back of the pathway infront of the power room and shoot the Zombies approaching you. There is no possible way of being attacked from behind using this method. You can also buy traps for 1000 points which kill Zombies when they make contact with the static electricity raining from them.

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