Overgrown is one of the largest maps in CoD4, It's great for snipers and excels in the Domination game type. It has two mounted machine guns making it hard for choppers to give solid air support. Supporting snipers and well placed airstrikes can swing a match in your team's favour.

[edit] Map Tips

The southern section is a lot bigger than the northern section, however it is in the northern section that you will find yourself doing most of the fighting. Because of the scale of this map, snipers and long to middle range weapons will be more suited for combat. Generally good visibility means cover is best found within the buildings that scatter this map.

[edit] South Section

Of the three buildings surrounding the river, the middle is the most important due to having a better field of view for the majority of the southern section. The turret in the furthest left building can be also be useful is fire breaks out, but don't let your cover be known too early to give your game away. This turret's fire can cut through to the middle of the middle riverbed house and won't kill your teammates making highly useful. A sniper may also be advised to camp in the middle building, down low where there is a good range especially to the west. Finally, stay out of the easternmost building on the riverbed. It doesn't offer much of a field of fire, and internal lighting makes it easy for enemies outside the building to spot you.

[edit] North Section

The eastern building of the two bordering the riverbed is probably the best on the map as it controls the stronger half, so it is advised that a team captures and defends this building to gain control. The turret in this building is also very useful and claymores can be planted in the door for further protection against intruders. The westernmost building next to the riverbed on the north half provides decent cover and views, but isn't as good. The small shed also provides a good place for ambush but not to fight from as bullets are not stopped by the flimsy wood cover. It is also advised to stay clear of the hay for this same reason, you will also be easily spotted here.

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