The P90 as seen in Modern Warfare

The P90 is a SMG featured in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It is also confirmed to feature in the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The real gun is manufactured by FN.


[edit] Modern Warfare

The P90 sub-machine gun is made for close quarters combat. Thus it works very well when used in maps such as Vacant. The strong links in this weapon are the amazing firing rate and the very large magazine compared with other sub-machine guns. It is one of the stronger, if not the strongest weapon at close range. At long range, you might be better off with a pistol as accuracy would be minimal due to the high firing rate of this weapon. It's large magazine means that usually your enemies run out of rounds and need to reload before you do, thus giving you a perfect chance for an easy kill.

[edit] Primary Attributes

Accuracy: 8/10

Damage: 6/10

Range: 4/10

Fire Rate: 9/10

Mobility: 10/10

[edit] Attachments

You can unlock a series of attachments for the P90, which are unlocked at 25 kills, 75 kills and 150 kills. These are:

Red Dot Sight: 25 kills

Silencer: 75 kills

ACOG Scope: 150 kills

Apart from these attachments, you can also unlock camoflages for the P90. They are unlocked getting a certain amount of headshots.

Digital: Unlocked at 25 headshots

Blue Tiger: Unlocked at 75 headshots

Red Tiger: Unlocked at 150 headshots

[edit] Modern Warfare 2

P90 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer
Unlocked at Rank 24
Rounds 50 (75 with extended magazines)
Fire Type Fully automatic
Damage Range 30-20
Reload Time 2.77s loaded, 3.7s unloaded
Rate of Fire 925 RPM

The P90 has the largest magazine of all SMGs in Modern Warfare 2. For this reason, it can be very effective at close range with Rapid Fire and Steady Aim equipped.

The P90 features an unusual iron sight of a large semi circle with a single post inside it.

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