A Python in Call of Duty: Black Ops
Type Pistol
Game(s) Black Ops
Magazine Size 6
Unlocked at Rank 18
Cost 2000
Fire Mode Semi-auto
Recoil Moderate

The Python is a pistol. It is also known as a Magnum due to past games. It is the most powerful pistol in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

It is mostly effective at close range when switched to instead of reloading. Shooting accurately instead of 'spraying' can also make the weapon usable at medium ranges.

Very useful when 'duelling' with an enemy.

Unlocked at rank 16.

[edit] Primary Attributes

Damage: 7/10

Range: 8/10

Accuracy: 5/10

Mobility: 10/10

Fire Rate: Revolver

[edit] Attachments

You can purchase the following attachments for the Python:

Attachment CoD Points
ACOG Sight 1000
Snub Nose 500
Speed Reloader 1000
Dual Wield 1000

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