Ranger in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer
Unlocked at Rank 42
Rounds 2
Fire Type Semi automatic
Damage Range 75-35 (x6)
Reload 2.55

The Ranger is a double barreled shotgun manufactured by Winchester, featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The in-game Ranger is a sawn-off vesion, making it deadly in close quarters. It is unique because it is the only weapon in Modern Warfare 2 where the left trigger and the right trigger both fire - one controls each barrel. This can make the gun confusing for new players because if the player tries to use the left trigger to aim down the sights, the gun will fire instead.

[edit] In Modern Warfare 2

The Ranger features in single player and multiplayer. In single player it can be found both on its own and Akimbo. It can hold 2 shells at at time, which gives a total of four if there are two guns. In multiplayer, it is a good secondary weapon due to its high damage at close range; however it has a very small magazine size and it is absolutely useless at range. It also has a long reload time, meaning that if both shots are missed then the player is probably dead.

[edit] Attachments

The recommended attachment is Akimbo because it doubles the number of shots before a reload. Usually, Akimbo reduces the accuracy of a weapon because the sights are no longer usable; however the Ranger has no sights so this is not a disadvantage.

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