Semper Fi


This is the first mission of the Call of Duty: World at War Campaign.

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[edit] Summary

Semper Fi starts off with the player playing as Private Miller. You have been captured by the Japanese on Makin Atoll and you sit their tied up as your comrade gets executed. Luckily Corporal Roebouck saves you in time as his Team infiltrated with stealth and they defeat your captors. You are then given a Pistol and told to get a rifle in which you have some choice. Once you and your squad are ready your group calls in an attack on the Outpost and it goes up flames. Your and your squad then proceed through the burning outpost taking out the Japanese as you need to. After you battle your way through the wreckage you finally proceed into the jungle area where you meet your first 'Banzai' attack near a shrine. Once you fight your way past these then you get ambushed by even more 'Banzais' and finally you make it to the other squad that are pinned down by enemy fire. After you save them you proceed up a small stream up to the final length of the mission. After some more killing of the Japanese you make it to a Truck which you must interact with to continue. Once the Truck is gone then you have to follow and fight your way to the Ammonition bunker, which you destroy using self planted explosives. You then leave in the way you came and fight your way to the sea, only to be nearly killed by a Japanese soldier but saved by Sergent Sullivan. As you are dragged away in the last stand position you can fire and hold of some more Japanese attackers. Shortly after this you are taken onto a Boat in which the Mission ends.

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