This is the fourth mission of the Call of Duty: World at War Campaign.

[edit] Summary

"Assist the injured Sgt. Reznov in assassinating the Nazi General Amsel."

You are Dimitri Petrenko,who has been badly injured by german soldiers charging at Stalingrad,1942.You are in a square,lying on a fountain with dead or injured Russian soldiers.You see tanks moving and bomber planes flying above,and some germans shooting some Russian soldiers which are not dead.A german soldier comes and kills two bleeding Red Army soldiers.But he doesnt see you when you are bleeding to death.Then you finally recover your power,and try to move.When you come closer,you see a soldier's eyes opening.He tells you to be quiet.He introduces himself as Sgt. Reznov.He tells you that he needs your help.With his hand injured,he cant aim with a sniper rifle.He wants you to snipe his targets for him.Then he introduces General Amsel,who leads the charge against the Red Army at Stalingrad.He tells that he hunted him for 3 days,but luck alone saved Amsel's life.When he goes in a building,Sgt. Reznov gives you ammo and tells you to snipe the Nazi soldiers one by one.He tells you to fire when bombers are directly overhead.Because the engine's sound will draw the sniper fire's sound.If you do that perfectly,he says 'Very good!You are a natural hunter!'.When you snipe good,he says 'Your aim is good.'.When you snipe not so bad,he says 'You are a regular hunter.'.That gives you tips about which difficulty you will play.Then he tells you to follow him.You go into a building.He says that everything will change some time,they will take the battle to their country.And you move to another building,a sniper fires.Then you jump into a building.Now your objective is to kill that sniper.When you take him down,you quickly move below.Then a german soldier sees you,and flamethrowers try to burn you.You crawl through and follow Sgt. Reznov.When you go up,a burning wood part drops at you,and you cant lift it.Then Reznov saves your life.You jump out of the building,3 german soldiers come.A German soldier says something in german,and some comrades save you and Reznov.Then you follow Reznov again.The Russian army charges and you provide sniper support from above.Then you move forward to a sniping position where you will snipe general amsel.When he gets out of the building,some soldiers guard him.When you shoot all guards,you need to take out Amsel.If you cant take him out,he jumps into his car and goes away,you fail.If you success,the tank fires at you and you quickly try to get out of the building with Reznov.When you exit the room,lots of german soldiers come,but Sgt. Reznov madly kills them all with his PPSH-41.Then the building starts to burn,and you jump into a river...The mission ends.

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