Warlord is a perk which made it's first appearance in Call of Duty: Black Ops. It's primary function is almost identical to that of Bling, a perk from Modern Warfare 2, in that it allows the player to have two attachments on their primary weapon. However, unlike Bling, the 'pro' version of this perk adds the ability to carry an extra lethal- and tactical-grenade, as well as two pieces of their chosen Equipment.

For balancing purposes, Warlord it less powerful than Bling. This is because there are some attachment combinations it does not allow. These are:

The challenges to get the pro version are:

Two Attachment Kills: Get 150 kills with a weapon with 2 attachments. Grenade Kills: Get 10 Frag or Semtex kills. Grenade Multi-Kills: Get a multi-kill with any grenade including tacticals.

[edit] Perk Name

According to Treyarch, 'Warlord' was the hardest perk to name. The name 'Bling' didn't fit in with the Cold-War era. Originally it was called 'Professional', but this was scrapped as the pro version would have been 'Professional Pro'.

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