The AC-130 is an 11-killstreak, available once you have unlocked it. The AC-130 has 3 types of shells. The gunship is armed with a 105mm cannon, which has a very wide blast radius, but it must reload after every shot. The 40mm Bofors auto-cannon creates small explosions with the 4 shells which is useful for clearing out small areas. The 25mm Gatling gun is an automatic rapid-fire machine gun with the highest zoom and least splash damage, making it very useful when friendlies and enemies are close to each other.

When in control of the cannons, enemy players will show up with a red square, indicating their position. If the enemy player is using Cold Blooded, this then removes the red square, making them safer from attacks.

The AC-130 itself takes 3 stinger missiles to shoot down due to the decoys it will drop when the gunship is locked on, thus making it the hardest air support to destroy.

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