AUG HBAR in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer
The AUG HBAR with the Swarovski Scope and silencer
Unlocked Rank 32
Damage 40, 30 with a silencer
Rounds 42 (63 with Extended Mags)
Reload 3.4 seconds, 4.2 when empty
Fire Mode Fully automatic
Rate of fire 666 RPM

The AUG HABR is an LMG from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It has high damage not affected by range, and it the most Assault Rifle-like of all the LMGs due to it's comparitively quick reload and small magazine. It is found throughout the campaign, often with the Swarovski Scope; similar to an ACOG scope but it zooms in to fill the screen like a sniper rifle scope, although it does not have as much magnification.

In multiplayer, it has stats similar to the RPD, with the exception of reload time and magazine size. It is incredibly effective in hardcore, being a one hit kill at any range even when silenced. However, it is also widely used in core gamemodes, where it can take the position of a run and gun weapon or an effective counter-sniper, especially when used with the grip.

[edit] Attachments

These are the attachments available in multiplayer.

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