Map Size: Medium
Vehicle Map: No

[edit] Map


[edit] Summary

Asylum is map that takes place almost entirely indoors, just like Vacant. A lot of quick, interior fighting. So you need an automatic gun here, either a SMG or MG. It is generally preferable to have a blend of MG teams and SMG teams in the event that the teams start firing at each other from across the courtyard. In this situation, your MG teams will need to lay down suppressing fire while the SMG teams move through the sides to flank the occupied enemy.

This map has more audio Easter eggs than any other map. Easter eggs such as the echoing screams of the former patients, the sounds of water dripping in the bathrooms, the sound of a girl crying in one of the stalls and even the echo of a ghostly piano can be heard when you listen for awhile in the bathroom in complete silence.

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