A BM-21 vehicle

The BM-21 is a Soviet-Built Multiple Rocket Launcher System. In the West, it was first classified as the M1964. BM stands for Boyevaya Mashina, meaning combat machine while Grad is Russian for hail. It is mainly designed for not pinpoint accuracy, but volume of fire.

[edit] In Game

The BM-21 is used by Russian Ultranationalists during the mission Blackout. The Ultranationalists are using the rockets to target civilian positions and by the time of the mission have caused immense civilian casualties. The Loyalist forces operating with a British SAS team have been tasked with eliminating the Ultranationalist position, including the BM-21's. The Loyalists and SAS eliminate the BM-21's, and the SAS continue with their mission: to rescue an informant, Nikolai.

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