A BMP-2 Tank

The BMP-2 is a tracked, Russian-Designed, Amphibious Infantry Fighting Vehicle. It is a further development of the BMP-1 first developed in the 1960's - the world's first true IFV.

[edit] In Game

It is first encountered on Call of Duty 4 in the level The Coup. They are then encountered frequently in the level Shock and Awe trying to shoot down the player's Helicopter transport. One also patrols the town where Al-Asad's safe-house is located in Safehouse and during the level All Ghillied Up where it was part of a large patrol group the player must navigate past. They play their most significant role during the level All In, where the player must destroy several attacking BMP's. Destroyed BMP's also serve as scenery and cover in some levels, both in single and multiplayer games.

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