Barrett .50cal



[edit] Weapon Information

The Barret .50 Cal is a semi-automatic sniper rifle featured in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

[edit] Call of Duty 4

The Barrett .50 Cal is a 50 caliber anti-materiel sniper rifle unlocked at rank 49 in Multiplayer. It is considered to be the most powerful sniper rifle on the game; however, it suffers from huge recoil. Many players prefer the bolt-action M40A3 because of its lower recoil.

[edit] Primary Attributes

Accuracy: 6/10

Damage: 9/10

Range: 10/10

Fire Rate: 3.5/10

Mobility: 7/10

[edit] Attachments

You can unlock an attachment for the Barrett, which is unlocked at 100 kills. It is:

ACOG Scope: 100 kills

Apart from these attachments, you can also unlock camoflages for the Barrett They are unlocked getting a certain amount of headshots.

Digital: Unlocked at 25 headshots

Blue Tiger: Unlocked at 75 headshots

Red Tiger: Unlocked at 150 headshots

[edit] Modern Warfare 2

The Barret .50cal is one of the two snipers you start off, the other being the Intervention. It is semi-automatic and is the joint-most powerful of the Sniper Rifles available in Modern Warfare 2, having exactly the same damage as the Intervention. It has a higher recoil than the Intervention, which is a problem if you don't kill your target first shot, this is probably the reason the bolt action rifle, the Intervention is used more often. However, as it has a much faster rate of fire, the Barret is more effect at killing an enemy in close-quarters without using the scope.

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