Black Ops Zombie Survival Guide


[edit] Introduction

Zombies Mode is a survival game in which the player must survive endless waves of zombies until they are overwhelmed. The player earns points which can be spent on weapons, perks, opening doors, clearing debris, activating traps and the Mystery Box. The player starts with a M1911 loaded with 5 magazines, finding that zombies are breaking in through the windows. The Zombies pull away the boards and climb through to attack you (Note: Zombies attack through windows). The player must kill all the zombies on the map to proceed to the next round, in which there are progressively more zombies with more health. Zombies can be played with 1 to 4 players; the number of zombies per round is dependent on the number of players. The power isn't turned on, though the power is essential for many things.

The Mystery Box is an accessory to players, in which you may exchange 950 points for a random weapon. Wall weapons are weapons that can be bought outright from the wall (signified by white outlines).

The Pack-a-Punch Room is a room where you can upgrade your weapons by putting them into a Pack a Punch Machine which costs 5000 points. This upgrades even the worst weapons into awesome weapons of destruction. When in solo mode, if you die, it's game over. When in multiplayer, if you die, you are downed and can be revived, but you bleed out if not revived in time to be spawned next round. In multiplayer if all players are downed then it's game over.

When you are downed you lose all perks. When you bleed out you lose all weapons, perks and equipment.

[edit] Power - Kino Der Toten

The power is essential to doing well in Zombies, activating all perks, traps, teleports and machine turrets. Note: The mystery box will work without power, but the map guide behind it will have no power.

The power is located in the stage section of the theater, by the M-16 wall weapon, where the huge curtains are. You can get there by either the right or left path, both of equal cost (min, 4250 points). Left has an AK-74u, 3 Mystery Boxes and the MPL. Right has the PM63, MP40, Stakeout, MP5K, MPL and 3 Mystery Boxes.

Upon activation, the curtains raise, and the doors to the first room open up. Crawler zombies now crawl down the roof, so be careful, as these zombies can be dangerous.

[edit] P-a-P - Kino Der Toten

To Pack-a-punch on Kino Der Toten, which requires the power to be on, you must turn on the teleporter (immediately next to the power switch). Next, travel to the first room and activate the pad on the floor (a glowing circle, where you spawn to begin with). Return to the teleporter. Hold again to be teleported up to the Pack-a-Punch room.

Once in the Pack-a-Punch room, you must find the Pack-a-Punch machine (opposite the large window) and put your chosen weapon into it. Make sure to grab your upgraded weapon, else you will lose it. This will endow your chosen weapon with an assortment of enhancements to damage, fire rate, appearance and functionality

You must activate the teleporter and pad each time you want to Pack-a-Punch, and the teleporter has a cool-down time every time you use it.

[edit] Power - Five

Five is composed of three levels. The power is on the bottom level, down both elevators. Unlike Kino there is only one way to the Power and you must open one door and clear all debris in your way (min. 4250 points).

Begin by opening the white door, and then clear the debris in front of the elevator. Use the elevator, which leads you down to the War Room. If you descend the stairs to the floor of the War Room, you must then clear the debris on the way to the elevator, which leads to the Lab, a huge level with plenty of rooms. All of them but the power switch room need to be unlocked for access. Follow the hallway until you see a room labelled with a 3. Turn on the power switch you find in this room. This activates all perk machines, DEFCON switches and teleporters on the map. These teleporters will randomly teleport you to other locations within the map.

[edit] P-a-P - Five

On the middle floor of the Pentagon - The War Room - there are four switches with DEFCON written on them. You must find them and activate all the switches. After each one is activated the DEFCON Level will change. When all are activated, DEFCON 5 is reached, and the Pack a Punch Room can be accessed via any teleport. After you leave the room, you must activate DEFCON 5 again before being able to enter.

[edit] Operational Component - Five

On Five, there is a metal detector outside the first door which requires an "operational component", which is required to activate the traps in Five. This component is found on the lowest floor, so you must take the elevator to the Pentagon's War Room, clear debris and go down the big elevator. Once on the bottom floor, go slightly forward out of the elevator turn left and on the wall is a red box, which you must pick up. Do so, and return to the metal detectors, then enter it.

The second component can be located immediately to the right of the big elevator - As you look at it, behind the computer consoles, hidden in the shadows. You should be able to see it on the floor, and the pick up prompt should appear.

[edit] Power - Ascension

From the starting room, follow the arrows, up all the staircases. At the very top is a switchboard. Straightforward, no tricks.

[edit] P-a-P - Ascension

Ascension Pack-a-Punch consists of 3 Lunar Launchers. These are located next to the PHD Flopper, the stamina, and the sickle respectively. Activate these 3 launchers, go to the power room and flick the switch to the right. This must be done each time a Pack-a-Punch is desired.

[edit] Power - Call of the Dead

From the start, go right across the bridge. Again, electric arrows are your friend, follow them up the stairs to the top. There is a switchboard in the middle of the room.

[edit] P-a-P - Call of the Dead

The Pack-a-Punch Machine moves locations when thunder sounds, it always spawns in water, and changes after each thunder sound. Look to the Lighthouse for it's position. It spawns in three places: near the start(right of quick revive), next to Juggernog(in flooded room), and behind the lighthouse.

[edit] Power - Shangri-La

Go slightly left from the start, and then head straight forward through the trap room, then head over the long wooden bridge. Keep going forward, through the cave entrance, through the waterfall and right, into the next room. Keep going straight, then left. You will arrive in a mine. On the left of the room are two power switches. Flip the switches, and release the water.

[edit] P-a-P - Shangri-La

This is more complicated. There are four monkey idols around the map, one of which will have a spinning body part. Next to each is a button on which you must stand.

The monkey idols are located near the power, at the spawn next to the quick revive, at the right side of the bridge over the water fall and lastly, next the box that sends you up to the railcart.

The number of buttons you have to stand on depends on the number of players you have, and must be stood on simultaneously. Then you may enter the pack a punch room, which is located at the spawn, up the aztec temple, for approximately 60 seconds. After then, you will be flushed down the stairs.

[edit] Types of Zombies

Zombies come in 10 different varieties which all have the same health per round, other than dogs, the Pentagon Thief, monkeys and George A. Romero. These are:

  • Normal Zombies - will walk at you and hit you when within range. Require two hits to kill you.
  • Runner Zombies - will run at you and hit you within range and take two hits to kill you
  • Jumper Zombies (Kino) - are zombies who jump from a height, from somewhere that can't be barricaded. They come from holes in the ceiling as well as in the alley off the roof.
  • Crawler Zombies - are normal or runner zombies without legs that will crawl at you with their arms at two paces: an extremely slow pace and a fast one.
  • Gas Zombies - Crawl at two paces: fast and slow. Faster ones crawl at a slightly slower pace than runner zombies and take two to three hits to kill you. When they die from any weapon other than the ray gun, thunder gun and knife they let off a Nova-6 gas explosion which causes you and other zombies damage.
  • Hellhounds - Dogs (stronger), flamed dogs (weaker), that sprint and leap at you. Appear on different Rounds depending on whether you open doors, appearing subsequently every 4-6 rounds.
  • Monkeys - Small monkeys who replace the Dogs Round in Ascension. Their priority is to attack the Perk Machines and remove your perks. When the player is close they jump and hit the ground sending a shock wave to a small area around them, much like the Perk-a-cola called PHD Flopper. They spawn from the dropping satellites and appear every four rounds.
  • George A. Romero - Exclusive to Call of the Dead, George comes every second round after being killed. George is a film director zombified, and as such (logically) he will attack you with a high-voltage stage light. He has an extremely high damage threshold. Once shot or touched he will go berserk, and sprint. When close to death, his stage light changes to yellow. George's health doesn't change, but is dependent on the number of players, neither is he affected by the insta-kill or nuke power-ups.
  • The Pentagon Thief (PT) - Exclusive to Five, The Pentagon Thief pursues you, takes the weapon you're holding, and escapes through the teleporters. If he is stopped before grabbing a weapon from you or your partner(s), he will drop a "Bon-fire sale". If you kill him after he takes one, he drops a "Max ammo". The Pentagon Thief possesses high health levels, and disappears if he reaches the central teleporter after taking your weapon.
  • Shrieker Zombies (Screamers) - Exclusive to Shangri-La, shriekers are pale-skinned zombies that blind you with their shrieks. They always sprint, and if head-shotted whilst screaming will take nearby Zombie's heads with it. They are not affected by insta-kill or Nuke power-ups.
  • Napalm Zombies - Exclusive to Shangri-La, these are aflame, and have a higher damage threshold than regular zombies. They will explode upon death, delivering splash damage, as well as remnants of napalm in their general vicinity. This napalm harms the player and zombies. It will also explode upon getting too close to the player. It isn't affected by Nuke or Insta-Kill power-ups. Kill them before the end of the round, else they start sprinting.

[edit] Zombie Health

Zombies begin with 150 health points (the exact knife damge value) and gain 100 points per round until Round 9. Past this, zombies have a 1.1 multiplier on health, which is insignificant at first, but makes more of a difference after each round. Therefore, in Round 1 it will take 1 knife. In Round 2, 2 knives. In Round 3, 3 knives. Round 4, 3 knives. Round 7, 5 knives. Round 10, 7 knives.

Round 1 : 150 HP
Round 2 : 250 HP
Round 3 : 350 HP
Round 4 : 450 HP
Round 5 : 550 HP
Round 6 : 650 HP
Round 7 : 750 HP
Round 8 : 850 HP
Round 9 : 950 HP
Round 10: 1045 HP
Round 11: 1150 HP
Round 12: 1265 HP
Round 13: 1391 HP
Round 14: 1530 HP
Round 15: 1683 HP
Round 16: 1851 HP
Round 17: 2036 HP
Round 18: 2240 HP
Round 19: 2464 HP
Round 20: 2710 HP
Round 30: 7030 HP
Round 40: 18234 HP
Round 50: 47295 HP
Round 60: 122673 HP
Round 70: 318183 HP

[edit] Points

[edit] Points Values

Zombie - Hit: 10 points
Zombie - Kill: 50-60 points
Zombie - Lethal Headshot: 100 points
Zombie - Melee: 10 points
Zombie - Lethal melee: 130 points
Hellhound - Hit: 10 points
Hellhound - Kill: 60-100 points
Hellhound - Melee: 10 points
Hellhound - Lethal Melee: 130 points

[edit] Board Repair

Repairing Boards is a way to earn points; each board is worth 10 points. There is a cap to the amount of points you may earn in each round, and they are:

Round 1: 40 points
Round 2: 90 points
Round 3: 140 points etc.

[edit] Weapons

[edit] Weapons List

[edit] Knives

  • Knife- Equipped to begin with. Slower knifing.
  • Sickle- Massive Knife Damage. Faster Knifing. Replaces knife. (Exclusive to CotD and Ascension)
  • Bowie Knife- Massive Knife Damage. (+ its a massive knife). Replaces knife.
  • Ballistic Knife- Revives players upon impact PaP'd. Fast Knifing and takes a weapon slot. Able to combine with Bowie knife

Wall weapons include the AK74u, MP40, MP5K, Stakeout, Olympia, M14, MPL, PM63, M16, Claymores, the Sickle and the Bowie Knife. The China lake, L96A1, Dragunov, HS10 are generally considered the weakest weapons. The list of weapons is as follows:

[edit] Assault Rifles

  • FN FAL
  • G11
  • Galil
  • M14
  • Commando
  • M16
  • AUG

[edit] Sub Machine Guns

  • Spectre
  • AK74u
  • MP40 (exclusive to Kino, Der Reise and Call of the Dead)
  • MPL
  • MP5k
  • PM63

[edit] Pistols

  • CZ75
  • CZ75 Dual Wield
  • M1911
  • Python

[edit] Light Machine Guns

  • RPK
  • HK21

[edit] Shotguns

  • SPAS
  • Stakeout
  • Olympia
  • HS10

[edit] Sniper Rifles

  • L96A1
  • Dragunov

[edit] Explosive Weapons

  • Cymbal Monkeys- Monkey which draws zombies in, but not hellhounds.
  • Scavenger- Sniper rifle with explosive rounds.
  • Crossbow w/ explosive arrow.
  • China Lake.
  • M72 LAW.
  • Claymores (or Spikemores in Shangri-La)
  • Semtex (Call of the Dead, Shangri-La, and Moon)

[edit] Wonder Weapons

(These Weapons Are Powered By Element 115)

  • Thunder Gun (Exclusive to Kino and Ascension)
  • Winter's Howl(Exclusive to Five, Verruckt)- Slows zombies with ice
  • Ray Gun
  • 31-79 JGb215 (Exclusive to Shangri-La)- Shrinks zombies to OHK.
  • Wunderwaffe DG-2 (Exclusive to Der Riese, Shi No Numa, Call of the Dead) - infinite damage
  • V-R11 (Exclusive to Call of the Dead)- Reverts zombies back to humans.
  • Scavenger (Exclusive To Call of The Dead)
  • Wave gun/Zap gun ( Exclusive to Moon) Wave gun will puff up Zombies and explode,

similar to Wunderwaffes without chain effects.

[edit] Pack a Punched Weapons

[edit] RPK

Upgrade: R115 Resonator Effect: Large Magazine, Increased Damage

[edit] M72 LAW

Upgrade: M72 Anarchy Effect: Large Magazine, Automatic

Be careful of splash damage.

[edit] China Lake

Upgrade: China Beach Effect: Large Magazine, Increased Damage

Slow reload.

[edit] CZ75

Upgrade: Calamity Effect: Increased Damage, Automatic.

[edit] CZ75 Dual Wield

Upgrade: Calamity & Jane Effect: Large Magazine, Increased Damage, Automatic

[edit] Python

Upgrade: Cobra Effect: Large Magazine, Increased Damage, Speed Reload

Better for earlier rounds.

[edit] Commando

Upgrade: Predator Effect: Large and Dual Magazines, Increased Damage

[edit] G11

Upgrade: G115 Generator Effect: Large Magazine, Increased Damage, Automatic

[edit] Galil

Upgrade: Lamentation Effect: Precision Sight, Increased Damage

[edit] AUG

Upgrade: AUG-50M3 Effect: Increased Damage, Precision Sight, Under-mounted Shotgun

[edit] SPAS

Upgrade: SPAZ-24 Effect: 3X Magazine Size, Increased Range, Automatic, Fast Reload

[edit] FAMAS

Upgrade: G16-GL35 Effect: Precision Sight, Large Magazine, Increased Damage

[edit] HS-10

Upgrade: Typhoid & Mary Effect: Dual Wield, Large Magazine

[edit] Dragunov

Upgrade: D115 Disassembler Effect: Quick Scope, Increased Damage

Snipers, later on, are no longer one-shot kills.

[edit] L96A1

Upgrade: L 1 1 5 Isolater Effect: Quick Scope, Large Magazine, Increased Damage

[edit] Ray Gun

Upgrade: Porter’s X2 Ray Gun Effect: Increased Damage, Large Magazine

[edit] Wunderwaffe DG-2

Upgrade: Wunderwaffe DG-3 JZ Effect: 10 zombies at a time.

[edit] Ballistic Knife

Upgrade: The Krause Refibrillator Effect: Faster Melee, instant revive with a shot knife.

[edit] Crossbow Explosive Tip

Upgrade: Awful Lawton Effect: Attracts zombies

[edit] Thundergun

Upgrade: Zeus Cannon Effect: 2x Magazine, Increased Impact Damage

[edit] Winter’s Howl

Upgrade: Winter’s Fury Effect: Large Magazine, Longer Freeze Time

[edit] 31-79 JGb215

Upgrade: The Fractalizer Effect: Larger Magazine, Ammo, longer shrinkage

[edit] V-R11

Upgrade: V-R11 Lazarus Effect: Larger Magazine, Ammo.

Shooting George Romero while berserk will calm him down for 15 seconds, or in water, will make him disappear. Shooting a team-mate will result in them being ignored by zombies for a limited time

[edit] M1911

Upgrade: Mustang and Sally Effect: Small Mag, Dual Wield, Grenade Launcher

Watch firing too close.

[edit] M14

Upgrade: Mnesia Effect: Large Magazine, Increased Damage

[edit] AK-74u

Upgrade: AK74fu2 Effect: Precision Sight, Large Magazine and Increased Damage

[edit] MP40

Upgrade: The Afterburner Effect: Large Mag, Increased Damage

More effective as a point getter i.e. a gateway weapon to better weapons.

[edit] Stakeout

Upgrade: Raid Effect: Large Magazine, 2 Shells Reload, More Power, Increased Damage, Increased Range.

Great for dogs.

[edit] MPL

Upgrade: MPL-LF Effect: Large Magazine,Precision Sight

[edit] MP5k

Upgrade: MP115 Kollider Effect: Large Magazine, Increased Damage

[edit] PM63

Upgrade: Tokyo & Rose Effect: Dual Wield

[edit] M16

Upgrade: Skullcrusher Effect: Automatic, Increased Damage, Grenade Launcher

[edit] HK21

Upgrade: H115 Oscillator Effect: Large Magazine, Increased Damage

[edit] FN FAL

Upgrade: EPC WN Effect: Sight, Large Magazine, 3 Round Burst, Increased Damage

[edit] Olympia

Upgrade: Hades Effect: Power and Range increases, Incendiary Rounds

By the time you Pack a Punch this, the fire will be virtually useless against zombies.

[edit] Potential Mystery Box Weapons

  • Gersh device
  • Matrishka Dolls
  • FN FAL
  • G11
  • Galil
  • Commando
  • AUG
  • Spectre
  • CZ75
  • CZ75 Dual Wield
  • Python
  • RPK
  • HK21
  • SPAS
  • HS10
  • L96A1
  • Dragunov
  • Cymbal Monkeys
  • Crossbow w/ explosive arrow
  • China Lake
  • M72 LAW
  • Thunder Gun
  • Ballistic Knife
  • Winter's Howl
  • Ray Gun
  • V-R11 (NEW on Call of the Dead)
  • Scavenger (NEW on Call Of the Dead)
  • Baby Gun (NEW on Shangri La)
  • Wave Gun (NEW on Moon)
  • QED´S (NEW on Moon)

[edit] Power-Ups

Power-ups are bonuses dropped by zombies when they die. They are dropped randomly on Zombie rounds, but can only be dropped once Zombies are through barricades. Power-Ups are dropped by Zombies, Hellhounds, the Pentagon Thief, Space Monkeys, the teleporters in Der Riese, or George A. Romero. Power-ups may be collected in combination with each other and last approximately 30 seconds before ending.

  • Nuke: Floating explosive that kills all zombies on map, giving you 400 points.
  • Carpenter: Repairs all barricades, giving you 200 points.
  • 2X: Doubles every point source for a limited time.
  • Insta-kill: Every kill is one-hit.
  • Max Ammo: Gives you max ammo on equipped tacticals, lethals, and weapons.
  • Firesale: Mystery Box costs only 10 points. Makes the Mystery Box appear in all 9 possible locations on Kino, the possible 6 on Five, and the 6 locations on Ascension.
  • Bon-Fire sale: Weapons are cheaper, Pack-A-Punch is 1000 points, and all teleports lead to the PaP room (Five Only)
  • Death Machine: The player is given a huge mini-gun for a limited time, disabling sprint for its duration. Exclusive to Five, Ascension, and Call of the Dead.
  • Mystery Cola: A random, mystery Soda-perk. Exclusive to Ascension, Call of the Dead and Shangri-La. It can be obtained from space monkeys on Ascension, George on Call of the Dead, and monkeys on Shangri-La.

[edit] Perks

Perks are invaluable in Black Ops, and all 4 can be bought at once. They grant special abilities to aid survival. They can only be bought once the power is on. They include:

Juggernog: 2500 points

Causes the player to take 4-6 hits from zombies without dying.

Speed Cola: 3000 points

Decreases reload speed. Most useful with LMGs and slow-reloading guns.

Double tap: 2000 points

Increases fire rate. Most useful with shotguns, snipers, 3 round burst guns (M16, G11). This perk can waste bullets.

Quick Revive: 500 points solo/1500 multiplayer

Solo - Revives the player automatically, available without power. Maximum of 3. Granted Mustang & Sally while reviving.

Multiplayer - Not available without power. Considerably decreases revival time.

PhD Flopper: 2000 points

Exclusive to Ascension, Call of the Dead and Shangri-La, this perk-a-cola absorbs any explosive, splash and fall damage. It creates a small shock-wave that damages zombies when the player dives to prone from an elevated position. This position needs to be enough to originally harm the player.

Stamin-Up: 2000 points

Exclusive to Ascension, Call of the Dead and Shangri-La, this perk-a-cola increases movement speed and sprint duration, like the online perks Lightweight and Marathon.

Deadshot Daquiri: 1500 points

Exclusive to Call of the Dead and Shangri-La. Similar to Steady Aim. It moves the auto-aim from the torso to the head, makes the cross-hairs smaller, and removes the idle sway when scoping in with a Sniper Rifle or G11.

[edit] Easter Eggs

[edit] Kino Der Toten Extra Collectables

[edit] Film Reels

There are 3 film reels that are put randomly into the four rooms to which you teleport after the Pack-a-Punch room. They are picked up with X (360), Square (PS3), F (PC). They can be entered into the projector in the Pack-a-Punch room with the same button. The order in which you collect them doesn’t matter, neither does the order the rooms appear. When you enter the reels you will see visuals from the projector and quotes from Dr Maxis, relating to the origination and treatment of the Zombie condition.

In Samantha's bedroom the reel is on the table.
In Samantha's demonic bedroom it is either on the over turned table or on the bed.
In the dentist's office it is on the cabinet or on the cart next to the chair.
In the conference room the reel may be on the television or under the projector.

[edit] Monkey Canisters

Found in various positions around the map, especially in the theater, are grey metal canisters, some with windows in them, through which monkeys (used for experimentation) can be seen.

[edit] Notes

There are two notes that can be found in Kino Der Toten. You need either a PaP’d Dragunov or L96A1 to read them.

One is in the theater - face directly away from the sentry gun. Where the gray cases are, look for one with sandbags on it. Go to the left case and there is a note partially covered with a sandbag. You need either a PaP’d Dragunov or L96A1 to see it.

The second is in the staircase between the alley and the Stage, at the lowest set turn of stairs, go to the middle, crouch and try to look through the middle of the steps, there should be a note on top of the box there.

[edit] Radio Messages

There are two radio messages that can be triggered via shooting them. The first radio message is near the Double Tap Root Beer. Stand facing it and turn left to the window, and you will see a balcony, which you must shoot.

The second is in the chandelier in the theater. Stand directly behind the machine turret and aim for the middle of the chandelier with a ray gun.

[edit] Meteorites - Kino der Toten

Meteorites are in Kino Der Toten and Call of the Dead. When picked up the song “115” by Elena Siegman can be heard. There are three meteorites in Kino Der Toten that can be collected.

The first is between the two staircases in the first room, on the bottom floor on the right hand side, atop a pedestal.

The second (assuming you leave to the left) is past the alley. You must turn right and right again towards the large window. If you turn right again there is a boarded window. Next to that there is a tall multi-level metal shelf in which the meteorite is hidden.

The third is in the dressing room, in a little room in the corner, atop another pedestal.

[edit] Meteorites - Call of the Dead

There are 3 meteors which will play a song for you. The first is at the start on a barrel(near the lighthouse cavern). The second is on a seat in the feeding hall. The third is under the clock, opposite the PhD Flopper.

[edit] Character Pictures

In the room directly to the top right of the first room through the hallway and opposite the door are 5 pictures of characters involved with the COD Zombie storyline. If you approach them and press interact, a narration of something about them can be heard. From left to right these characters are: Edward Richtofen, Takeo Masaki, Nikolai Belinski, Tank Dempsey, and the fifth, a blank silhouette of a man wearing a hat.

[edit] Five

On Five, you may activate three red telephones to hear the song “Won’t Back Down” by Eminem.

One is on the bottom floor in the middle room (the room that needs no money to open) on a bench, if you face opposite the power switch.

Another is on a table to the left of the quick revive machine to the left of the initial room.

The last phone is sitting on a desk that is to the left of the central desk in the Pack a Punch room. Once this phone is activated, you will hear coins like a jackpot and there is a change in the background music.

[edit] Ascension

There are three Teddy bears holding sickles around the map which play music for you upon activation. The first is upstairs from where you spawn, on the far right, go past the barrier and you will see one. The next teddy is up at lander C, across from the sickle, up high on a wall. The final teddy is at lander A, outside the gate on the left side.

[edit] Tactics

Tactics are completely different per number of players i.e you can't camp on solo.

[edit] General Tips

Keep Moving.

There is safety in numbers. Always stick together.

A coherent team is an effective team so communicate (a mic is useful, obviously). If playing in groups, try to get a name for each room to prevent confusion and decide on tactics before-hand.

Remember it's about having fun.

The Juggernog is absolutely vital to your survival. Get it ASAP.

The Mystery Box is the key to your survival long-term as the very best weapons are found in it. It costs 950 points to open, so be wise as to when you spend them, but many times it will pay off and keep you alive for longer.

Knifing is a great way to earn extra points, as a knife kill is worth more than a bullet kill, but be wary. Some zombies will hit you while you are knifing, and some will hit twice within a short time. Be sure to, after knifing any zombie, (even ones behind barricades) jump back out of range while the knife animation completes and you are able to knife again. Safety is paramount so when you decide to knife, so be confident you are safe.

Look behind you often, as many times there will be a zombie behind you. When a zombie is close it will make a distinct growling noise.

Reload before picking up Max Ammo.

Dogs are easier to combat when in corners, especially with a LMG or a shotgun. Reload when possible, and aim where the dog will be as they move fast. On Kino, dogs drop Max Ammo at the end, so don't worry about wasting ammo.

Cover the person reviving you so they don't die. If you can't, tell them when zombies are coming; if you can't revive someone, leave them, and in an emergency employ diversionary tactics such as cymbal monkeys.

Collateral shots - shooting two or more zombies with one bullet is an extremely effective tactic to gain points.

While this may be obvious, once you activate the power there are boards above each mystery box which tell you where the box is by the green light.

Activate the teleporter when possible, so you have a back-up plan.

If a player is covering a window, find another location to cover. Stealing the kills and points of your teammates is a terrible way to play, as at the end of the day selfishness benefits nobody.

[edit] Advanced Tips

The MP40 (Kino) and MP5K/MPL (Five) can rack up points when not PaP'd, as ammo is cheap and it takes dozens of bullets to kill in the later rounds.

Leave 2 zombies alive at the end of a Round, especially the later ones; to allow time for weapons, perks, PaP and barricades. Only kill them when you are ready for the next round.

Grenading a zombie will sometimes make it a crawler (depending on it's levels of health, and the distance it was away from the explosion). Note: You get 2 new grenades every round.

Use traps when you have free points. The theater traps are an especially useful way to begin a round.

You can only buy upgraded ammo for some Wall Weapons.

Group zombies to make them easier to kill, and will leave you with a freer map. This can be effective even in extremely high rounds when bullets aren't as effective. Sprint, turn and shoot a few and stay clear. This tactic is especially effective on Kino.

Some people earlier on will use all their ammo in the first round, in multiplayer, get killed and bleed out then spawn with full pistol ammo, which can maximize the amount of points you get earlier on.

[edit] Kino der Toten

When in the Kino Pack-a-Punch room, use the elevated window to your advantage! Throw frags and use grenade launchers to kill all zombies who amass near the teleporter.

Unlike zombies, hellhounds will not amass outside the teleporter, they will wait outside where you spawn in the first room.

Machine Turrets become invaluable later on, so don't be stingy with your points.

When leaving the Pack a Punch room on Kino sometimes power ups will appear so watch out for them.

Past Round 20, bullets will be less useful, other than for points. Start each round next to the Machine turret in the theater. Enable it and sprint to the first room and turn on the trap behind you. Run left up the stairs and down to where the MP40 is, into the theater and around again, killing zombies all the way. Use the Zeus Cannon sparingly as its a "Get-out-of-jail-free card" every time.

A great place to camp, in earlier rounds, is in the alley, but make sure to leave the room to the left of the initial room unopened.

[edit] Five

For the Pentagon Thief, have one person running around and drawing the Thief away, which is much easier around the top of the War Room, running in circles.

When you use an elevator, the Zombies will spread out across whatever floor you are now on. Very useful to buy time, especially if you elevator spam; go down and up again. Note: In multiplayer, take every player with you in the elevator.

In Five, you can't survive in the first room for long. Get down the elevator ASAP (Round 3-5).

The Winter's Fury hinders zombies' movement. It is very useful to leave frozen zombies alive, to kill the others and continue moving. This can be especially useful to revive someone.

The best way to survive extremely high rounds is to have your party stay in the first room until round 8. At that point go open your pathway to both trap pieces and insert them into the traps, when one player has decent guns leave 4 to 5 zombies at the end of a round and have all players go up to the top floor and wait for one to respawn in one of the two windows that have the four clocks on the wall. At that time keep repairing the barrier until you are able to stand on the bottom plank and press start and triangle when he reaches for it. After that when the Pentagon Thief makes his first appearance, kill him then immediately switch both traps on. After they have finished have your party stand under them as a safe zone and have the player that is outside of the map go on top of the roof and stand on the circle closest to the traps. After being here for 45 rounds it is time to de activate the mpl trap. To do so you will need to activate the trap on the round that the Pentagon Thief appears then once it runs out kill him. Every round after that have the out of map player stand abover the trap slightly forward and to the right and have all other players turn on the trap then run back to the olympia trap. While the mpl trap is recharging run to the window and smash 2 waves then turn the trap back on once the full wave is under the trap. Once you have completed all of this have fun making it to extremely high rounds.

[edit] Ascension

You begin Ascension in black and white, you need to turn the power on to return colour.

Ascension doesn't have hell hounds. It has monkeys. Space monkeys. Russian space monkeys. Russian space monkey zombies. And my god are they annoying. They appear at the same intervals, when the screen turns darker. They will steal your perks, which you need to buy back if you want them. Max Ammo and a random perk-a-cola are dropped if you manage to kill a Space Monkey before he steals your perk. Max Ammo is dropped upon completion.

The area around the Flopper is the most player-friendly area. You can circle around the zombies and line them up for Collateral points. The Sickle is also very useful early on.

Past round 25 the traps become almost essential.

[edit] Call of the Dead

Water-slides and Ziplines feature here, in a foggy map filled with water. The water has a huge effect on gameplay. First of all, the water freezes you. Second, if you kill a zombie in water he does splash damage to other zombies.

Water cools George down, and he will return to walking.

The zipline atop the boat is a great place to camp out.

[edit] Points Tactics

If you're confident, allow zombies through the barricades, to get bonuses and points for repairing barricades. Zombies only drop bonuses when inside.

A glitch appears when 2x and Nuke is collected near each other where instead of 800, two 800 points bonuses are granted.

When Insta-Kill is up, just knife - knife kills are worth more points.

Power-Ups/Bonuses are best in combination with each other. Insta-kill and 2X are great.

Power-ups will flash before they disappear, you can use this to your advantage to maximise their effects.

It is possible to repair windows whilst killing zombies.

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