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Blackout is the fourth mission from the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare campaign, and the first in Act 1. Still grouped with the SAS, your new objective is to rescue an informant, Nikolai, with the aid of Russian Loyalists. Also operating at night, you instead find yourself if a much more rural terrain; it consists of small wooden fences, small clusters of houses and mainly otherwise fields suggesting a village, and is reminiscent of the multiplayer map Overgrown. With a silenced M4, you first have to progress forwards, eliminating the threats in each house tactically, learning how to use claymores and following orders. Out in a large corn field, your Russian friends will greet you and after a brief run following their leader, you will be ordered to cover with use of a sniper. After slowly progressing forward once more, journeying across mores hills and heading through burning houses, you will follow Captain Price up to an old power station and then rappel down. Needing several more houses aggressively cleared and rushing to get the informant before the enemy does, you find him at the tip of the house and quickly evacuate on Price's lead. Fortunately enough, a helicopter awaits your escape.


[edit] Detailed walkthrough

[edit] Introduction


Blackout is the second proper 'mission' in Call of Duty 4.

So, you will have just completed Crew Expendable and probably wondering are they all going to be this easy?. The answer to that is no, but this second mission isn't that hard at all as long as you have a bit of patience.

[edit] Swamp

At the start of this mission you start in a swampy area, with Captain Price and Gaz. For the start of this mission it will be just you three. The first thing you will have to do it take out the outer guards. They will be situated inside the houses but will come out when you come. You can kill one of them in the first house when you are still down in the swampy area by getting into an angle where you can see in the house a little while. After you have taken out all the outer guards you must go and find the Russian loyalists, they are situated not far from where you kill the last outer guard. Once you find them you will realise that they are infact on your side and want to do everyting they can to help you.

[edit] Going to Help from the Powerstation

The Russian loyalists are not going to go into the town, you job it to help them as when they enter many people will be shooting at them. At the start you have to go onto a road up on a hill looking over the town, you will see the Russian Loyalists enter it will then be your job to help by using ur sniper on the people shooting at them. Most of the people you should be taking out are shooting at them through windows, so when you are looking through your scope you should look at the windows as there is 2 in one window and one has a rifle gun set up on a stand. The next thing you will need to do is get to the powerstation to cut off enemy reinforcements coming in, on the way up to the powerstation you will have to take out a lot of men that will be in the way on your way up. When you see a cabin you should go in it to kill your enemies through the window as it can provide good cover, the one bad thing about the cabin is that it is harder to get away from enemy grenades that get thrown in. Also on the way up you will have other stops where you will take out some of the people in the city to help yourself as later in the mission you will need to kill the people in the town so the more you take out the less you will have to take out later. When you get to the powerstation you will need to take out people in the town before absailing down the rocks to then go and enter the town.

[edit] Trying to Save the Informant

You first have to enter the town. You should enter by going straight from where you absailed down and jump the wall before entering the house. Don't wait for your team to make a move as they will take ages and if you go straight away they will foloow right behind you there are only a few in the houses so its not hard and you could probably take them out yourself. Once you get to the house where the informant is situated, when you go into the house you will have to kill everyone downstairs (there are about 6 - 8) then move upstairs and in the room that is fursthest away he is situated in there, there is also one guard in there. Once you kill him get the Informant and go with him out the door and walk towards the helicopter and enter where you will be taken to the next mission Charlie Don't Surf.

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