This is more of a rocky/gravel kind of map. The sun is setting and everyone is prepared to fight into the night. There are various vantage points here, very small grassy areas where you can lie down in and multiple barrels and cars where you can take cover from.

Sniper's delight. On both ends of the map are very good sniping locations. In the middle of the map there is a large hill where you can daringly try and give support fire. There is also a broken down bus near the hill where snipers are mainly spotted. Don't worry, on the sidelines is a more enclosed fighting area - beware of claymores and grenades.

Lose your shotgun and take out your long-ranged weapon - M16, AK-47, any LMG or Sniper Rifle work best here.

[edit] Tips

Don't stay in the open for too long. You will have to go outside for most of the game, but stay hidden behind objects like the bus for example. On Headquarters, a sniper can do wonders as at one point the hq is the opposite side of the map to the buildings. There you can sniper people as they attempt to run in.

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