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[edit] Introduction

Black Ops
The Defector Mission

The Story of Call of Duty: Black Ops is very original. I might say It's one of the best stories after Modern Warfare. The Campaign is mostly a flash-back, where some people try to extract information from Mason. During the missions, you play either with Mason, Viktor Reznov or Agent Hudson from the C.I.A. The Campaign is composed of 18 missions.

[edit] Missions

[edit] Operation 40

Sgt. Frank Woods, our hero!
Old S.O.G. member, Bowman.
Castro with Dragovich and Kravchenko
Castro is at the left, Kravchenko is in the middle and Dragovich at the right

You're in Cuba with Sgt. Frank Woods and an old S.O.G member named Bowman. You're planning a daring assassination in a Café, Havana. Some Cuban soldiers suspected you, Woods and Bowman that you weren't Cuban so started to shoot. You'll have to escape the Café and head to the Bay of Pigs. Later, you infiltrate the Base of a Cuban Captain named Castro. You kill Castro and then you escape the Base. During the escapade, the American soldiers (including you, Woods and Bowman) found some problems fleeing with a Jet. So Mason jumped from the Jet and destroyed everything that was on the way. Some Russian soldiers caught Mason and brought him to Dragovich and Kravchenko, a soviet General who was cooperating with Captain Castro. The Castro you killed was the liner of the original Castro.

[edit] Vorkuta

Mason escaping Vorkuta

You're planning to escape Vorkuta with the prisoners. Viktor Reznov and Sergei are the main characters who helped you during the escapade, they are Russian prisoners. Reznov and Sergei both died. Only you survived.

[edit] U.S.D.D.

Agent Hudson from the C.I.A.

You don't do nothing in this mission, you only listen to Kennedy, the U.S. president, talking and giving you orders to infiltrate the Bakonur Cosmodrome to stop the launch of a Rocket.

[edit] Executive Order

You infiltrate the Bakonur Cosmodrome as Mason with Woods, Bowman and other soldiers, you save Grigori Weaver, a Russian C.I.A agent, you kill the scientists that controlled the rocket and you destroy the rocket with a Valkyrie rocket (missile guided rocket).

[edit] S.O.G.

You head to the Vietnam and work with old S.O.G allies to investigate Soviet presence in the region.

[edit] The Defector

You head to the TET offensive and secure vital intelligence in the MACV building on Soviet plans for the region.

[edit] Numbers

Hudson and Weaver interrogating Clarke

You investigate the extent of Project Nova' by interrogating one of Dragovichs former associates, named Clarke, a British scientist who formulated codename Nova-6, a deadly biochemical weapon. You play as Hudson. Some Russian soldiers infiltrate the place where you're interrogating Clarke. You'll have to escape the place. Clarke dies during the mission.

[edit] Project Nova

You play as Viktor Reznov in this mission, a flash back. You're with the Russian guys, Dragovich and Kravchenko. You'll learn the origin of Project Nova in this mission. Reznov got captured in the mission and brought him to Vorkuta, where he met Mason.

[edit] Victor Charlie

Reznov killing a Vietnam soldier.

Back to Mason, you search for evidence in Northern Vietnam with Woods, Bowman and other S.O.G. members. Reznov joins you somehow during the mission.

[edit] Crash Site

You search for Dragovich's compound in Northern Vietnam but Vietnam soldiers caught you, Woods and Bowman and brought you to their base as prisoners.

[edit] WMD

Grigori Weaver at WMD

You play as Neitsch, the pilot of the SR-71 Blackbird and Agent Hudson with Grigori Weaver and othe C.I.A. agents. Neitsch will help you infiltrate the developpement base of Nova-6.

[edit] Payback

You get tortured by russian and Vietnam soldiers (Mason, Woods and Bowman)'. Bowman dies at the start of the mission. You escape with Woods and kill all Vietnam and Russian soldiers to avenge their friend, Bowman. Reznov joins you in this mission. You fin Kravchenkos base. Woods sacrifices himself to save you and kill Kravchenko.

[edit] Rebirth

You head to the Project Nova research labs with Reznov and capture Dr. Steiner, the developer of Nova-6, then Reznov kills him. Weaver and Hudson both came to the same place (WMD) and found Mason was killing Dr.Steiner.

[edit] Revelations

Save as U.S.D.D., you do nothing but walking. You'll uncover the truth. The truth that Reznov was just an illusion, he died during Vorkuta escapade. The illusion was created by the numbers Dr.Steiner and Dragovich put your head when you got captured by Castro. Reznov didn't kill Steiner as he was an illusion that only Mason can see. Mason is the one who killed Steiner, the only person who knows everything about Nova-6.

[edit] Redemption

Mason remembers that he was captured and brought to a boat named the Rusalka. It was the station that produced the numbers that controlled Mason's mind. Weaver, Hudson, Mason and other C.I.A. agents head to the Rusalka where they destroy the boat and then kill Dragovich.

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