Call of Duty: Black Ops Characters

Call of Duty: Black Ops has introduced new characters to the Call of Duty franchise. This is the list of Characters that appeared in Black Ops:


[edit] Campaign

[edit] Pentagonists

  • Frank Woods - Member of the S.O.G (Studies and Observations Group)
  • Alex Mason - Playable Character. Memebers of both S.O.G and C.I.A
  • Joseph Bowman - Member of S.O.G.
  • Swift - Character appearing in "Victor Charlie".
  • Jason Hudson - Playable character. C.I.A operator; was at one point Mason's handler.
  • Grigori Weaver - Russian CIA agent.
  • Brooks - Character in "Executive Order" and "WMD".
  • John F. Kennedy - U.S. President
  • Robert McNamara - Secretary of Defense for the Kennedy administration.
  • Viktor Reznov - A friend of Mason's who helps him escape from Vorkuta.
  • Sergei - A prisoner from Vorkuta.
  • Neitsch - Playable character and the controller of the SR-71 Blackbird in "WMD".

[edit] Antagonists

[edit] Zombies

[edit] Kino der Toten

[edit] "Five"

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