Call of Duty: Black Ops Perks


These are the perks featured in Black Ops.

[edit] Tier 1

Perk Description Pro Description
Lightweight Move faster Lightweight Pro +No Falling Damage
Scavenger Resupply from dead bodies Scavenger Pro +Extra magazines
Flak Jacket Reduces damage from explosions Flak Jacket Pro No fire damage, timer on throwback of frags resets to 2.5 secs
Ghost Undetectable by Spy Plane or Black Bird Ghost Pro +No red crosshair or name when detected
Hardline Killstreak requirements are one kill shorter Hardline Pro +Change the contents of a Care Package

[edit] Tier 2

Perk Description Pro Description
Hardened Extra bullet penetration Hardened Pro Less flinching while being shot, damage against aircraft increased
Scout Hold breath longer Scout Pro +Reduces weapon sway while aiming
Steady Aim Extra accuracy when firing from hip Steady Aim Pro Quicker knife recovery speed, faster ADS after sprinting
Sleight of Hand Shorter reload time Sleight of Hand Pro +Faster ADS (not applicable to Sniper Rifles)
Warlord 2 Primary attachments Warlord Pro +2 Secondary attachments

[edit] Tier 3

Perk Description Pro Description
Marathon Longer sprint Marathon Pro +Unlimited Sprint
Ninja Quieter footsteps Ninja Pro +Undetectable to motion sensors and camera spikes
Second Chance Pull out pistol before dying Second Chance Pro +Revive team mates
Hacker Detect enemy equipment and explosives Hacker Pro +Booby trap enemy care packages and ability to turn equipment friendly
Tactical Mask Reduce effect of Flash and Concussion grenades Tactical Mask Pro +Night Vision Goggles

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