Call of Duty: United Offensive

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Call of Duty: United Offensive
Coduo box.jpg
Call of Duty: United Offensive Box Art
Developer Grey Matter Studios, Inc.
Publisher Activision
Platform PC
Release Date(s) PC

North America; September 14, 2004
Europe; September 24, 2004

Genre First-Person Shooter
Rating 16+

T (Teen)

Call of Duty: United Offensive is an expansion pack for the first person shooter series, Call of Duty. It was released on September 14th for PC, and later brought out to download on Steam.


[edit] Main Changes

[edit] Ranking Points

Ranking points were introduced to multiplayer mode, as rankings increase, they gain new benefits to be used.

[edit] New Multiplayer Modes

There are three main new modes introduced into this game, as follows.

[edit] Domination

The main aim is to gain control of all control points on the map, which there are normally about 5 or 6 of on each map all scattered in strategic locations. To capture the point, the player must be stood on it with no enemies nearby for a certain amount of time. Every time a control point is captured, a point will be added to the teams total score. To win, it is the team with the highest score when the time runs out, or alternatively the team will have captured all control points at once to gain Domination.

[edit] Base Assault

This mode requires teams with heavy weaponry such as tanks and artillery to attack the opposing teams base and ultimately destroy them. On each map, both teams have three bases to defend, and three to attack. A bunker can be broken down and exposed, but not destroyed. It is only destroyed once explosives are planted within the base and activated, however, within this time there is still an opportunity for them to be defused, so at the same time the attacking team must defend the explosive to ensure this does not happen. A team wins by destroying the most bunkers in the time, or destroying all three before the time is up.

[edit] Capture the Flag

This is a mode which will be familiar to traditionalists of such games. Each side has a flag to protect, and must not be stolen, however at the same time the objective is to steal the opposing teams flag. A score cannot be achieved until both flags remain at one base so if both are stolen at the same time then it makes scoring an impossibility until the flag is retrieved. A team wins either by capturing the flag a certain amount of times or capturing the most flags at the end of the game.

[edit] Characters

Corporal Scott Riley - American

Sergeant Doyle - British

Private Yuri Petrenko

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