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[edit] Introduction

The purpose of this guide is to guide you through the single player campaign. If you are someone who is a completionist, then hopefully this will help you. If you want to complete the game by yourself - be aware that this walkthrough DOES contain Spoilers. Hopefully, this will allow you to complete the game on any difficulty, and on any console, but this gide was written based on findings from 'Regular' difficulty, and on a PS3. If there is a time limit, then you can pretty much guarantee that you willhave less time to complete the given activity. It is also written with new players in mind - Level 55 Online Players should by now have enough tricks up their camouflaged sleeves to see them through the campaign without too much trouble.

[edit] General Ideas and Good Tips

Throughout the game, you may find yourself dying way too often. Using these tricks, then you should be able to shoot, run, duck, grenade and 'splode your enemies.

[edit] Stay Safe - Always use Protection

The most obvious way to not get shot is to stay out of sight. Standing in the middle of a road blazing away like Rambo will only earn every terrorist and Commo to turn their weapon on you. Albeit valiant, and certain to get you a medal - but going home in a matchbox is not everyones idea of fun. No matter what weapon you have - unless you're relying on your combat knife that is, making use of cover is always a good idea. People won't be able to see you, and depending on whether you're standing behind a blown up tank, you will see that the bullets won't hit you if your opponents do see you. However, you may find that the only you've got is that 3 foot bush in the open field. Better that than nothing. If you're a bit cowardly - then you might find your team mates are sometimes good enough meatshields. Still - they tend to get dead a bit quicker that way.

[edit] If you have no Protection - Prepare to Run

Getting caught with the proverbial trousers down in a killing ground, with Taliban fighters and angry Russians blazing away at you, then like before, standing like a statue, with Machine gun in hand will only make your wife a widow. Get running. You may find cover, but if not, it won't be as easy for your Turbaned Terrorists to hit you. Save your sprint for when you have to use it. No point in sprinting away through an open field - although boring to jog through, it a lot less annoying if you only have to run through it the once, instead of twice after you've died thanks to not having enough stamina.

[edit] Reloading

All of this depends on your weapon. If you have a LMG, such as an M40 or RPD, then the length of time it take to reload is not worth the kill, reload sequence, kill, reload sequence, especially considering their clip/belt size of 100. However,being equipped with an Assault rifle may make it worth yourwhile to reload after every kill or two. Sniper rifles, regardless of bolt action or semi-automatic should be fired until you have one shot left. Remember, you cut valuable time off the reloading action if you have bullets left in the magazine. However, having completed a firefight, reload all your weapons. This will stop you being surprised, and trying to kill 5 targets with the 3 bullets left. During a long drawn out fire fight, make use of cover to hunker down while reloading. You don't want to move out of your position, so drop to prone, and reload. Stand back up, and unleash hell again.

[edit] Weaponry

You have no choice over your starting equipment, but you should quickly realise that dropping that 20 shot pistol for something a little bit bigger is a sound decision. Changing the ammo type is helpful as well - picking up two Ak-47's isn't going to do a whole lot of good - but having 300 shots should make it a tasty treat. Most people consider, depending on their main weapon whether a sniper rifle, LMG, another Assault rifle, or even a shotgun is a useful addition. You find yourself in the gangways of a cargo ship; having a slow firing R700 Sniper Rifle will only get you dead as you try to aim. has Sir considered the speed and hip accuracy of the AK-47. Or maybe the joys of going psycho with the light machine gun? Think about where you are, and what you're doing - the brain is a useful tool, as long as its done in the right places.

[edit] Grenades

Ah yes Grenades - the old gem.First of all - frag grenades. These little beauties are some of your best friends - and your worst nightmares. They take a while to get used to - the arc and speed of which they're thrown take a little getting used to, but they are useful when you're bogged down. Save them for when you find yourself under heavy fire. Take some time to find out where the shooting is coming from, and throw a grenade. If they are behind a wall or obstacle - obviously, aim for alittle bit behind them. Timing is a little crucial as well. Sometimes, a group of soldiers may make their way to an easily defensible position, and instead of wasting time getting them out of that position, you want to remove them before. Just lobbing a grenade at them will not be help - it will come to a stop, while they run past. Cooking it is better. When you throw the grenade, you will see that there are crosshairs. If you hold down the button, you will see that they start to flash. When they do that, quickly release, the grenade will fly, and explode on contact. Dead Stalins.

[edit] Aiming

Nothing like firing a weapon into nothing is there? Aiming is a useful part - It's almost a requirement for Snipers and some assault rifles. SMG's and LMG's aren't allthat accurate with iron sights, and its unlikely either have a Red Dot Sight, so I'd recomment, if you're aiming to get as far away as possible with the LMG, and as Close as possible with an SMG, and Fire off 5 shots at a time, or just double tap the firing button. The smoke and flare will have cleared, and the kick back won't have you firing bullets into the backsides of people in planes. Obviously, there are times when having just that crucial accuracy won't hlp you - you will need to spray bullets. Weapons like the G3, the M14 and M16 are all similar weapons, and have a single tap feature and pretty good accuracy. To spray with these, you will need to tap the firing button as quick as possible in the general direction. Also, you can afford to aim, but the general idea is to go for the general direction. You're not trying to kill JFK here, so cover the area with bullets. Get their head down, then aim for their head when they think its safe to shoot. Don't worry if it seems complicated - it will become second nature the more you play it.

Hopefully, you know how to play the game, so there's no need for me to tell you how what control does what, so we'll get straight onto the walkthrough.

[edit] Single Player Walkthrough

Mission 1 - F.N.G.
Mission 2 - Crew Expendable

[edit] Interlude 1

Mission 3 - Blackout
Mission 4 - Charlie Don't Surf
Mission 5 - The Bog
Mission 6 - Hunted
Mission 7 - Death From Above
Mission 8 - War Pig
Mission 9 - Shock and Awe

[edit] Interlude 2

Mission 10 - Safehouse
Mission 11 - All Ghillied Up
Mission 12 - One Shot, One Kill
Mission 13 - Heat
Mission 14 - The Sins Of Our Fathers
Mission 15 - Ultimatum
Mission 16 - All In
Mission 17 - No Fighting In The War Room
Mission 18 - Game Over
Epilogue - Mile High Club

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